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- vanMiez - 2011-07-12

even if it is not nearly the thing you guys want to achieve, i have a request wich also referes to this theme and wich could be implemented as well, if a python crack is changing something in the behaviour of scrolling, so there it hasn't to be looked up twice.

when in a two or three rowed horizontal panel (say its id is 55) you can define <onup> and <ondown> both with 55 but instead of going to the next item in the next column it will go to the first item in the actual column if you are on the last item of a column... so i would request the behaviour should be: "nextitem" no matter where the focused item was before.

and in addition (referring to this thread): why not simply make it possible to define "nextpage" and "previouspage" as the action for <onup> <onleft> <onright> <ondown> to solve your problems?

i don't want to hijack the thread, but i think it referes to scrolling behaviour as well...

- pecinko - 2011-07-23

An alternative would be ability to define focusposition and movement for panel container, like in fixedlist.

EDIT. I forgot Jeroen already proposed this alternative.

RE: Make Panel scroll by page - toolpunk - 2014-10-30

Any news on this?

RE: Make Panel scroll by page - Hitcher - 2014-10-30

I think ronie was doing something about this, not sure now though.

EDIT: Or it might have been 'Black. Huh