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Play slideshow from MyPictures with "play" button ("p") - pallevillesen - 2011-06-27


I'm simply tired of having to enter a dir of photos, press "play" to start a slideshow - and pressing "play" on a higher level doesn't do anything...

So I would like to remab the "p" (play button, logitech harmony one remote) to start a recursive slideshow, when I stand in the mypictures window, focus on a dir (with either more dirs in it or just pictures in it) and press "p" in the "mypictures" window...

I tried adding it to keymap.xml but it seems I'm not calling the function correctly:

      <p>XBMC.SlideShow(, "recursive")</p>

But it doesn't work when I focus on a dir with pictures in it and press "p"...

The debug log says:

10:58:31 T:3220 M:697438208   DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 19, sym: 0070, unicode: 0070, modifier: 0
10:58:31 T:3220 M:697438208   DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: p (f050) pressed, action is XBMC.SlideShow(, "recursive")

but nothing happens - I don't know how to give the dir in focus as parameter - so any help is appreciated! If I use the context menu ("c") and select "recursive slideshow" everything works - so it must be possible. The requested functionality "just works" when using "mymusic" in file mode, i.e. "play" plays the selected dir of mp3s - without entering the dir.


RE: Play slideshow from MyPictures with "play" button ("p") - rubpa - 2012-07-01

Surprising there is still no way to do start a picture slideshow with play button. Have been looking for the last few hours!

RE: Play slideshow from MyPictures with "play" button ("p") - Robotica - 2012-07-02

Looking at keyboard.xml there is no mapped 'p'.