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[Release] MLBMC - a Major League Baseball (video) add-on - divingmule - 2011-06-27

note: this thread has been closed in favor of http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=262745

Watch highlights from MLB.com. MLb.tv subscribers can watch the live and archived games. Usually there is a free game of the day witch only requires a free mlb.com account.

Install from the main XBMC.org repository.

Thanks to theophile and the others who helped in development http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=97251

To do:
find a way to get the HD game streams - linux users see this post http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=104391&pid=1051059#pid1051059

Update Version - dharma 0.0.7, eden 1.0.5
Fixes and updates for the start of 2012 season
Added initial support for Gameday Audio

- sdsnyr94 - 2011-06-27

Congrats on getting this into the official repo!

Thanks for all your hard work!

- KennethC - 2011-06-27

Awesome! Congrats! It's a must have plug-in for MLB.TV subscribers.

- elkosb - 2011-06-28

Thank you so much for the hard work on this. My XBMC setup is now complete!

- theophile - 2011-06-28

Great work! Outstanding!

- cybrosis - 2011-07-26

where can I donate?

- divingmule - 2011-07-27

cybrosis Wrote:where can I donate?

Thanks, if you would like to donate you should donate to XBMC here -->http://xbmc.org/contribute/donate/

- icecuban - 2011-07-27

Can't thank you enough for this addon, one free game everyday to satisfy my baseball needs.

- dallasnights - 2011-07-27

stupid me can not find the link can someone post it please thanks

- cybrosis - 2011-07-28

You can find it in the addon repositories if you go to addons > get new addons > video plugins

- JerseyDevil62 - 2011-07-29

I have to admit I can't find it in the repository either. Is this a platform specific add on?

- divingmule - 2011-07-29

JerseyDevil62 Wrote:I have to admit I can't find it in the repository either. Is this a platform specific add on?

Sorry, You guys must be using an eden-pre (nightly) version of XBMC. I plan on submitting a pull request for eden-pre today. Until then you can "install from zip". Download - http://divingmules-repo.googlecode.com/files/plugin.video.mlbmc-eden-pre.zip

RE: [Release] MLBMC - a Major League Baseball (video) add-on - divingmule - 2011-07-31

Thanks to thegryghost and his HLS client linux users can watch MLB.tv NexDef streams.

This post has been updated here ->

- sdsnyr94 - 2011-08-20

Divingmule - will the MLBHLS work on pre-eden builds? I cannot get it to work, and I get messages such as this:

Control 1 in window 10099 has been asked to focus, but it can't

I am using OpenElec on one box and Linux Mint 11 on another.... have not tried on standard Ubuntu yet, not sure if the issue is from OS.

***EDIT*** It does, however, work using stable XBMC on my Mythbuntu unit... so is it the stable XBMC or my choice in OS?

- divingmule - 2011-08-20

I only have pre-eden on my windows box, so I haven't tried it, didn't think there would be any trouble. I may upgrade one of my ubuntu boxes and try it sometime this weekend.