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Request - loggio - 2011-06-28

Hi Jezz,

I'm using your PMIII PVR version as my default skin now, seems to work much quicker and smoother than the default confluence... plus i think i like the look better Nod hehe
was wondering if you would be able update the PVR version on your google code page to support the old style theme as well as movies and TV Shows in home screen menu??



- Jezz_X - 2011-06-28

This is actually already done in the code here on github
I just haven't updated the zip file if you check that out and build the xbt you should be good to go

- loggio - 2011-06-29

Thanks heaps,
Will give it a go tonight.


- loggio - 2011-06-29

Just tried it out .... the Movies and TV Shows buttons in the home menu don't actually take me to Movies or TV Shows, they just do exactly what the Video's button does... So right now, they're pointless. lol


I'm Using 10.1 Margro, stable build.
I'm guessing the git link is only for master pre-builds...
Is there a 10.1 PVR version i can download that has these features?

- Jezz_X - 2011-06-29

Odd the skin code says it should go to the right place maybe something broke or your version is too old ? like dharma built because its only compatible with pre-eden builds of xbmc

- loggio - 2011-06-29

as i suspected, i'm using 10.1

Unfortunately there are no "stable" enough versions of the windows PVR Pre-eden builds to use on a daily basis. So i'm still stuck with 10.1 builds.

- Jezz_X - 2011-06-29

Guess your stuck with the old skin too Smile

- loggio - 2011-06-29

hehe indeed