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Lift per post limitation of 10k characters - X3lectric - 2011-06-29

When you type up a how-to or any kind of decent guide 10k characters are soon eaten up, most especially if you want to continue updating the main post with information collected as the threads get large.

Also not necessarily updating the main post but adding to it soon it becomes impossible and continuity and fluidity is lost.

Sometimes you don't envisage a how-to to grow that big or need more space and not everytime you remember to reserve the top main posts.

Just a suggestion

- mmmfishies - 2011-06-29

Why not link to a Wiki page for something that size?

- jmarshall - 2011-06-30

IMO linking to the wiki would be more suitable, yes, perhaps with a short overview if you wish a post.

Increasing the 10k limit seems ripe for annoyance otherwise (already folk try and paste huge logs in)


- X3lectric - 2011-06-30

Most how-tos are written here are only written here, because it directly reaches the target audience directly without any need to go offsite.

When I originally posted this request I knoew the wiki would come up, I didnt want to say it then cause its a messy subject, for instance it would be most appropriate to use XBMC's wiki, but then you have to go and do 3 things instead of one.

  • Ask for ninja status
  • Post both places
  • And finally least importantly but still relevant learn wiki formatting and all sorts...
Its already sorta slow having to ask your post to be moved to where it should be.

I use a blog and link to it but its easier to have a forum to discuss stuff...

Having said that.

I think its not so likely these days to have ppl posting logs, I know it happens but then either 10k limit or not its not a deterrent...

Its a pita for ppl like me who posts how-tos fairly regularly and or want to keep something important and up to date.

I am not part of many forums which have such small limit...

- X3lectric - 2011-07-01

here is a fine example http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=104541

- jmarshall - 2011-07-01

I don't see the problem there - seems fine broken over multiple posts as has been done.

Obviously if tons of people agree that the limit should be higher then that's fine - we're in the process of looking to switch bb software, so whatever we switch to may have a different limit (or no limit) but I'll make a note to take a look at what it is.


- X3lectric - 2011-07-01

the limit is preset and can be changed in any forums software... phpbb has a higher number by default.

perhaps when the forums change you can configure a how-to subforums to have a higher limit then the others.

The topic I linked the guy happens to save 2nd and 3rd and other required posts, the problem is if you dont your stuffed.

perhaps if the limit wasnt so little there wouldnt be a need to break it into 2, 3, 4 or more posts when the how-tos are complex or long.

- darkscout - 2011-07-01

Quote:Why not link to a Wiki page for something that size?

jmarshall Wrote:IMO linking to the wiki would be more suitable, yes, perhaps with a short overview if you wish a post.

Wiki is the correct place for something this large. I think more people have issues with the 6 photos per post limit than the 10k character limit.

- X3lectric - 2011-07-03

thx for your help, thats exactly what I thought I read.

- jmarshall - 2011-07-03

X3lectric: I get what you mean now (sorry it wasn't obvious to me before) - the main problem is that you hit the limit while adding to the post at a later stage while someone else has already replied to the thread, so you must anticipate the problem before you post so as to reserve posts in advance.

Will make a note for when we transistion to phpbb.


- X3lectric - 2011-07-03

yes that would be ideal thanks for "getting" it,

on an unrelated note,

am I that bad at explaining myself jmarshall?

- jmarshall - 2011-07-03

Heh - either that or I'm that bad at reading/comprehension Smile

- X3lectric - 2011-07-03

Wink holy crap Batman, the possibilities of the variables are mind boggling.

I just asked cause sometimes its been pointed out that clearly (and its true) English is not my mother tongue, asif that has anything to do with the price of fish!

The HUGE outstanding amount of non native English speakers that are xbmc users alone is massive. Variables Ill leave the calculations to you, I'm terrible at maths.

Anyhow I'm sleep deprived and quite cranky, massive migraine, just don't want to let my health issues stand in the way of being human as well... wtf I should stop typing.... stop.

cheers JM

- darkscout - 2011-07-04

jmarshall Wrote:Will make a note for when we transistion to phpbb.

I haven't been keeping up with the "OSS should run on an OSS forum" thread.... but any more details on this? PHP is sort of my forté and I've ported users/posts from numerous forums to numerous other forums.....

- jmarshall - 2011-07-05

Thanks - I'll let TheUni know.