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MediaDog 0.9.1(18/03/13)-WIDGET!!Couchpotato(V1&V2),Sickbeard,Headphones,Sabnzbd - bean_ian - 2011-07-17


Hi All,
I have been developing an Android app to control Couchpotato, Sickbeard & sabnzbd and now headphones.
I've packed all the common features into each app. See below for feature list

  • list of wanted, snatched and download movies
  • Delete movies
  • Search & add movies
  • clear all snatched & downloaded movies
  • manually kick off a search for an individual movie
  • Re-add a downloaded/snatched movie and choose to download the same again or a different version

  • View list of TV Shows, seasons & episodes
  • mark individual episodes as wanted, archived, ignored
  • mark entire seasons as wanted, skipped, archived etc
  • Add, Delete & Pause TV Shows

  • View queue
  • Drag & Drop items to reorder queue
  • Rename jobs
  • delete jobs
  • Pause entire queue, or individual items
  • Flip the list over to view job history

  • View queue
  • Add new Artists
  • Pause & Resume Artists
  • Grab Artists extras
  • Delete Artists
  • Mark Albums as Wanted,Ignored,Downloaded etc
Known Issues
  • TV Shows with no banner will display a default banner- the user has no way to know what show it is.
  • To refresh banner images delete the MediaDog folder on your SD card.

Feature Requests(anything in here has been accepted)
  • Switch host by click the application logo
  • Show wanted movies quality in CouchPotato
  • Show TV Show quality setting in SickBeard


  • FIX: Fix for couchpotato showing all movies under wanted list.
  • NEW: Clicking the dog icon on the widget now launches the app
  • NEW: Widget now shows loading icon when refreshing
  • FIX: Last updated time on the widget now displays in the correct format
  • NEW: Widget text now dynamically resizes depending on space available
Version 0.9.0(09/11/12)
  • NEW: History Widget now available. The widget displays latest downloaded & snatched show for CouchPotato & SickBeard. The widget will remove snatched entries if the item was subsequently downloaded. The widget currently updates every 30mins. NOTE: Will not work on pre Android 3.0 devices
  • NEW: History Section now available in CouchPotato & Sickbeard. Displays the most recent snatched & downloaded entries along with times & qualityetc
  • FIX: Soft menu item now available on tablet devices
  • FIX: More fixes more sickbeard crashes.
Version 0.8.4(28/08/12)
  • FIX:Issue with adding shows to CouchPotato v1 (thanks vivan)
Version 0.8.3(27/08/12)
  • FIX:Application crashes when launching SickBeard
  • FIX:Issue with couchpotato crashing when the wanted list contains movies with no poster (thanks to fcskme)
  • FIX:Sickbeard now displays the air date on coming episodes
  • NEWBig Grinelete show option now available on seasons screen
  • NEWTongueause/Unpause show option now available on seasons screen
Version 0.8.2(21/07/12)
  • FIX:Issue with advanced server settings not opening
Version 0.8.1(20/07/12)
  • NEW:IMDB Integration. Share a movie with MediaDog to add it to your wanted queue(v2 only).
  • Various bug fixes
Version 0.8.0(WARNING:UNSTABLE !!)(18/07/12)
  • NEW: Couchpotato v2 support. Features:
  • View Wanted & Downloaded Movies.
  • Upgrade the quality of wanted or downloaded movies.
  • Visual indication on search screen if you already have the movie in your downloaded or wanted lists.
  • NEW: SickBeard API Support (API Version of SickBeard is required!)
  • Support for high res banners (set this in options, may cause outofmemory issues on low spec devices)
  • Sickbeard will now display the name of a show if no banner is available
Version 0.7.3(21/05/12)
  • FIX: Issue where no menu option was displayed on some tablets
Version 0.7.2(21/05/12)
  • FIX: Issue with errors when displaying albums for headphones artist
  • FIX: API getter for new headphones interface updated( New interface is required for this to work)
Version 0.7.1(04/05/12)
  • NEW: Headphones Integration (Beta)
  • FIX: ICS Hardware Acceleration enabled

MediaDog uses the awesome GreenDroid framework created by Cyril Mottier.

MediaDog 0.9.1 is a public beta
Get it here or use the QR code below. (Android 2.1+ required)

Now on the Android Market
Also if you feel like donating to my efforts please purchase MediaDog on the android market
Available in Android Market

or you can donate via paypal


- Dina - 2011-07-17

Looks amazing. Got a HTC Desire HD and I'll be happy to test this.

- feerlessleadr - 2011-07-17

damn, this sounds and looks awesome!

I would love to test on my Moto Atrix 4g!

- Henkske - 2011-07-17


- jbrillo1126 - 2011-07-17

Awesome, I'm willing to test it on my HTC Thunderbolt.

- kcmoney13 - 2011-07-17

Would love to beta test. Still rocking the OG droid.

Also am a pretty good ui designer if you are looking for some help.

- DDM123 - 2011-07-18

Would love to beta test. I have a Nexus One running CM 7.1-rc1 or something.

- jjrroberts - 2011-07-18

I'd also be keen to test, Desire HD CM7.

- thinko - 2011-07-18

I've got an Atrix and would love to test.

- darkscout - 2011-07-18

Rooted Optimus V. Please please please please.

- bnevets27 - 2011-07-18

I got a samsung galaxy I would love to do testing on. Would love to manage everything on my phone rather then the computer.

I know this is really early on but a couple feature requests if your interested in adding them.

View coming soon
View history

add movie via bar code (personally have never used that feature of the couchpotato app but people may not want to loose that functionality)

Search nzb sites (nzbmatrix/nzbs.org/ etc. Doesn't have to be all of them, which ever one you prefer)
Add nzb from the results of the above search, prompt for category and/or pull category from nzb site
Allow changing of priority/category/script

In the far future, if and when headphones takes off, adding that would be a good addition.

A lot of the above isn't really that necessary, you looked to have covered all the major functionality.

- rflores2323 - 2011-07-18

Rooted droidx and would love to test.

Btw I like and use the CP scanner so that would be awesome to have on this app.

- airtron - 2011-07-19

Looks impressive. I can't wait to try it out.

- Necromancyr - 2011-07-19

I'd be interested in testing as well since I have a Fascinate and may be running all the programs. (I plead the 5th.)

- sb206 - 2011-07-19

This for ipad where a absolut perfect dream!