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What is the most common way to schedule downloads? - mortalwombat - 2011-07-26

I would love to schedule some of my favorite shows to download automatically after they air, and then get put into the library of XBMC. I have played with TED, but it doesn't download many of the torrents for the shows I want. Also, it doesn't use some of my favorite trackers, like demonoid.

What is a better way to go about doing this? I would love to stick with torrents as I am comfortable with them.

Also, is there a way to get them automatically into the library, organized where they belong and renamed apropriately, or is that a manual task?

- IsleOfMan - 2011-07-26

I think Sickbeard is a pretty common approach to this. Also, a friend of mine really likes Media Center Master, but it's not free.

- Hitcher - 2011-07-26

I use SABnzbd with an HDTV RSS feed from NZBMatrix and a filter.

Everything I add is downloaded and extracted to the correct TV Show folder.

- mortalwombat - 2011-07-26

So it looks like usenet is the way most people are doing it? I haven't gotten into the world of usenet but it may be time. Are there any free usenet services, and if so are they worth anything? I don't mind paying for quality service, but I don't want to if I don't have to.

- Krazypoloc - 2011-07-26

You can do this a few ways, with torrents by setting up RSS, or with usenet.

I will leave the rest of the description up to you to research yourself as it is outside the bounds of this forum.

- jammyb - 2011-07-26

Don't use free usenet. Pay a few $ to someone like astraweb/bintube/giganews and get a shit load of content out of it at the max speed of your connection.

- mortalwombat - 2011-07-26

jammyb Wrote:Don't use free usenet. Pay a few $ to someone like astraweb/bintube/giganews and get a shit load of content out of it at the max speed of your connection.

That's the answer I was looking for. Thanks!

- ihaterich - 2011-07-28

TED was very hit or miss for me. I wouldn't recommend it.

There's probably alot of ways to automate things, but this is the method I use and it works perfectly:

Vuze with RSSfeed Scanner plugin (http://azureus.sourceforge.net/plugin_details.php?plugin=rssfeed)
Torrent RSS Feed
Belvedere .5 (http://belvedere.en.softonic.com/)
XBMC with auto update plugin or this method (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65681)

Install RSSFeedScanner and setup your RSS feeds. Put in a keyword or regular expression for each show, and it will search the RSS feed every 15 minutes for your shows. It also keeps track of your history, so you won't get the same episode twice.

Setup Belvedere with keywords to automatically move your downloaded files to the appropriate directories.

Either use the XBMC auto update plugin, or follow the steps in that thread to setup an update script.

All this can be done in about thirty minutes and works great. I've been using this method for months with about 30 different shows and have yet to miss an episode of anything.

- >>X<< - 2011-07-28

SABnzbd + SickBeard for me Smile

The cost of usenet is minimal now even for a quality sever much safer and you can leech all you want

- Kirky99 - 2011-07-28

Yeah, I wouldn't even consider Torrents after using the Usenet...

- seand - 2011-07-28

SAB with Sickbeard and Couch Potato is a thing of beauty for scheduling downloads. For shows I follow Sickbeard has put the file in my SAB que, downloaded it and automatically updated my XBMC library with episode art and plot sypnopsis within about a half hour of broadcast being over. Thats scary because really I've seen On Demand systems that don't work as well.

Usenet is safer and quicker.

That said for older material the range of content is a little deeper on torrents but you have to ballance that against torrents that stall at 90% and all kinds of whacky naming/file conventions. Usenet content tends to be neatly named and properly episode titled which is part of why Sickbeard works so well.

- Ned Scott - 2011-07-29

>paying to pirate

Oh, you guys crack me up

- Valdysses - 2011-08-14

It would astonish me if there was a better system out there than SAB + SickBeard (+ CouchPotato). I just left town for two months, and it operated perfectly in my absence for the entire time. Brilliant stuff.

As to the "paying to pirate" comment, point taken. In my experience, however, outside of hiring a manservant to purchase content for me, rip it, name it and sort it into folders, I have yet to find a system that more perfectly does what I want than this one.

I pay Spotify $10 a month rather than pirate music, because it's a fantastic service. If the same service existed for video, I'd sign up today. In its absence, this works a treat, thanks. Folks here don't seem to pirate because it's free, they pirate because it's better (and it's free).

- Broiler - 2011-08-15

I prefer rTorrent, Flexget (multi reader, IRC RSS etc). Once gotten to know the systems it's really nice and very powerful.

Though recently I learned regular expressions so I've decided to customize a IRC download bot which results in quicker and more reliable fetches (of course if I've managed to get the regexps correct).