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Possible bug or by design.... - firth - 2011-07-31

Hi, my first post so be kind Smile

I ran through some scenarios today of adding a Movie folder to the library. I noticed if I don't select 'use folder names", it doesn't use local data and takes forever to add the movies to the library. If I do select "use folder names", the scan is quite quick and uses local data.

i would think it would always use local data no matter what if it is available.
is this correct? I tried using "SMB" or "SMB" from adding a network location and "FTP". All seem to work the same way.

- firth - 2011-07-31

Sorry forgot to mention this occurs with various nightly builds from oldest to latest on Windows. I have tried the same on Apple TV using latest nightly build on wireless and it too seems the same, however, its on wireless so hard to tell as the Apple TV does not have a lot of grunt compared to my media centre which is connected at gigabit and duel core 2.6ghz with 4gig of ram.

- jmarshall - 2011-08-01

If you're using movie.nfo and you have your movies in folders, and DON'T specify it then yes, it will completely ignore movie.nfo, and ofcourse this makes sense.


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