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- eskro - 2011-08-21

is this a bug or in SHOWCASE view,
the movie trailer doesnt play in the INFO-PANEL anymore like in MQ2?


Huh thx

- mindweaver - 2011-08-21

In MULTIPLEX for movies. Is it possible to hide the Press up for trailer-button on top of the window?

- wints - 2011-08-21

mindweaver Wrote:Image

In Multiplex for movies the reflextion image is placed inside the poster placeholder. Looks weird.

Animation when pressing right isn't smooth. The left hand poster disappears before the new one appears. Navigating left works perfectly.

Yeah got the same thing happening too

views for video files - porter - 2011-08-21

Were the available views for video files reduced? I only have List, Low List and Wall views available for files, even with every view enabled/activated. In particular, I'm looking for the Banner view.

Anyone else having this issue?

I did a fresh install of the 8/19 nightly and forced a new rebuild of the xbmc folder in appdata\roaming


- pjgm - 2011-08-21

Great Work Marcos !!! Laugh

I just love it!!!


- prophetizer - 2011-08-21

how exactly do you change the sort order? i see the arrow next to the SORT BY: YEAR but i can't select the arrow to change it.

- astrotrain - 2011-08-21

I would like to point out some things/bugs I noticed with with MQ3. Sorry if this was mentioned before.

1) During fast scroll either right or left using "Showcase" view , the poster image remains fixed on one of the movies in your library during the fast scroll, so you see just that one poster, this was not the case in MQ2 where you see rolling posters during fast scroll.

2) If you scroll left or right very quickly in "Showcase" the background image doesn't keep up with your speed. Say if you stop at one movie it would display the backdrop for the previous movie instead.

3) Sometimes if you go into the movie details the poster image gets delayed a few seconds before it appears.

These issues could be from the preEden build and not the skin.

Windows 7, 32 bit.

Thanks, and please bring back "Shelf" view. Big Grin

- Aemstel - 2011-08-21

Great skin once again! Definately better than MQ 2. Thank you very much Marcos Smile

Have one question. How do you populate the "Concerts" menu? When I add a video source I can only select TV Shows or Movies as content type. A concerts menu is great and I'd love to use it, but I can't figure out how. Can anyone help?

- eskro - 2011-08-21

"Shelf" view rocked!!

- GCWB - 2011-08-21

Could you implement a 'Sort by : Recently Added' in video playlists please?

- GCWB - 2011-08-21

GCWB Wrote:http://pastebin.com/aRuGLYcf

Log here. When I update library, it hangs. According to the log, it has finished updating my films, however it can't seem to locate pvrmanager.enabled and it gets lost doing a few others.

I don't know what it's doing... Why does the PVR have anything to do with my plentiful film collection, *shakes fist at XBMC*


Note - This is just a regular update, not a full load of a library, it is like 5 films. They are now in my library, yet the 'update library' just stays in the top right. XBMC is still useable until I press 'stop scanning' or try and shutdown XBMC.
Edit: It now seems that half of my library has dissapeared, from L or so onwards... Hmmm.... If anyone has any advice, feel free to voice it.
2nd edit: Yep, in the log, it seems to terminate the update after 'Mary and Max (2009)'. Whilst I have the common sense to figure where the problem lies, I don't have the intuition to fix the issue and understand the coding, that's where the beautiful community of the XBMC.org forum comes in... right?...

(psst, this is the part where you help me, yeah you. Looking at the screen, type it, go on, type that solution, you know it makes sense)

Oh and MarqusQui, I love you. ahem.

Quoting myself again, I know! However the issue has come back, update crashes. I think for now I'll just switch back to confluence, update, then go back. Seems all I can do.
edit: happened in confluence, guess i'll just do a clean install.
(Not Skin Related anymore)

- onlineaddy - 2011-08-22

Patience please for an extreme newbie:
How do I enable Library Mode?

I've selected a few viewtypes I'd like to use. However, I don't see where I set what viewtype for which library.

Bug with TV shows logo's - Omegatron - 2011-08-22

Hi Marcos,

I stumpled on a bug in MQ 3 that was there in MQ 2 aswell. To make it clear i show you some pictures of the bug.

In the picture im in the TV-show list. Check the logo of the TV show:


Now i enter this TV-show and standing on the episode, check the bottom logo's again:


Now i go back to the TV-show list and the bug appears, 1 of the logo's in episode list doesnt dissapear and is layered with the tv-show logo now. if you go to another tv-show the "SD 480" wont dissapear unless i go to main menu.


Could u fix this?

Another thing that is annyoning me is that i dont know how to get extra thumbs with the "extra thumbnails style"

Where the red circles are should be thumbnails but i dont get any. how do i get them there, can anyone explain?



mouse not working - fishhead - 2011-08-22

Hello all, I've got Aeon up and running but there is a warning that the mouse is not supported and that I should disable it.

Any help please.


- Alael - 2011-08-22

@Ajedi: I'm pulling this from my memory, but I think you have to create an "extrathumbs" folder inside your movie folder and place pictures there. You can auto-generate them with Ember Media Manager.