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RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - jeanwilly - 2012-07-16

(2012-07-15, 10:25)BlueCop Wrote: what error are you seeing? what do you do that causes the error to occur? can you post a log of the error!?!?
Sorry it's like magical on this time it works again !
ob xbmc4xbox to with my added code (is a little what i add)
i can not test the login but i think anywhere do it!
The trailers streams fine!

Sorry again

Regards Jan

my Jan'sEnglishXBMC4XBOX http://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=72

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - Darkjasper - 2012-07-16

Installed this yetserday for a test drive and works great. Awesome work!

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - shortskoolbus - 2012-07-17

Hello All -

I'm brand new to XBMC and also to Linux... so please bear with me. Running Xubuntu and trying to figure out if it is possible to export to a network location? i pointed it to export to a network location but doesn't seem to be exporting anything there.

Also, i seem to be having an issue with exporting certain shows to the library.

For example i have no issue exporting Glee or Hawthorne to the library, but for some reason other shows like, Top Gear (UK), Hawthorne, won't show up in the library even though i can see the folder generated and all of the .nfo and .strm files there.

All of the .nfo files for Top Gear are only about 1.2k or 1.3kb

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - anarckie - 2012-07-17

Any reason why I can't get this to install?

I select it from your Repo, it says it downloads and installs, but when I try to run the plugin it doesn't do anything.

When I restart XBMC, the plugin is gone and isn't installed any longer.

Any ideas? Huh


12:01:15 T:3048 ERROR: Python script "C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.amazon\default.py" does not exist
12:01:15 T:3048 ERROR: Unable to run plugin Amazon
12:01:15 T:3288 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.video.amazon
12:01:15 T:3288 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.video.amazon) failed


I'm trying to download and install again and it looks like it's stuck on "Downloading 0%".

Do you have the zip that I can try to use instead?


UPDATE: after several attempts of downloading, installing, uninstalling, installing again, etc, I was finally able to get it working.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - Citizen_Seven - 2012-07-17

I had a problem recently with this plugin, but was able to solve it. I post it here in case anyone has a similar problem, so they at least can see one avenue of approach.

The problem I had was that all of the TV menus returned an error when clicked. Movies and its submenus worked fine, but one couldn't get to any TV shows or episodes. Eventually, I suspected that it was a db problem, and sure enough, the tv0.db had a size of 0 kb. It's located (Windows 7) in:


where %USERNAME% is the login used for windows where XBMC settings are stored. All you have to do is
1. Close XBMC
2. Delete tv0.db (or rename in case you're worried you might break something)
3. Start XBMC
4. Open Amazon plugin. The db will be reloaded, presumably via download.

I assume this will also work if you can't see movies, or both tv and movies. Just delete the db(s) with XBMC closed. Or, to be extra careful, copy the db's with another name and then delete. I also assume this solution will work if the db(s) are corrupted rather than 0 size, but have not run across that scenario.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - BlueCop - 2012-07-17

Citizen_Seven: thanks for the information.

I didn't know a good way to distribute the database originally. In free cable I separated the database into a module so it could be updated separately. I am going to do the same for amazon. I like this solution best because the code and database updates won't effect each other.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - hypergolic - 2012-07-18

Removing the .db files solved my problem also.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - Citizen_Seven - 2012-07-18

That's a great idea, BlueCop. Things generally work better if one can separate code from data, though that's not always easy to do and I would imagine even more difficult in a script-driven environment like python.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - Brannon - 2012-07-19

I rented MI4 the other day on Amazon's website. I then attempted to watch it with this plugin in XBMC. The plugin successfully saw that I had rented the MI4 and gave me an option to play it. However, it would only show a preview of the movie. (That was disappointing because the Amazon browser plugin for watching videos is not performant on my media PC, an Intel Atom with some lame Intel graphics chipset.) The version shows as BlueCop 0.6.4.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - jumbie - 2012-07-19

Hello BlueCop, first of all, I really appreciate the work you've put into this plugin. Great stuff. I think I've found an issue with the some TV series lists. Basically all of the episodes are not showing for some TV series. For example Star Trek Voyager season 4 displays 26 episodes on Amazon's website but only 20 in the plugin. Any idea what's going on or how to fix this?
I'm running:
Ubuntu 11.10

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - BlueCop - 2012-07-19

They are missing in the local database.

Do a search for any of the missing content and then browse to those episodes. It will cache anything missing into the local database once it has been listed.

It seems voyager is missing several episodes from their seasons. The initial scan did not get all the episodes in the season request from the server. I am not sure why this is happening. It is a simple fix to browse featured or search to add the missing content. They use site methods so will be fresh and grab anything new it detects.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - MonsieurPoirot - 2012-07-20

BlueCop, thank you again for maintaining this plugin. It really has helped me out. I use XBMC + your Amazon plugin combination in order to add captions to un-captioned TV/movie content, and this system is the only game in town for doing that-- I believe there is no other way this can be done right now. (I'm hard of hearing, and I really need the captions.) Your plugin has made my life measurably better.

I wanted to ask-- do you think you might have time to look into the Amazon rentals issue, where the plugin is just playing the preview? I'm having the same problem as others. It did at one time work just fine, and the ability to watch rentals was a really great feature.

I'd be glad to PayPal you $5-10 to pay for the cost of the rentals to test while you develop.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - BlueCop - 2012-07-20

MonsieurPoirot: I have been meaning to do this. My girlfriend actually has some amazon credit we were going to use. Sorry I haven't commented but I just don't have information to add at the moment.

I actually only have purchased television content in my amazon library and they all play fine. My girl friends account has a couple movies that she purchased but they play too.

does anyone know if it is only rentals are effected?

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - MonsieurPoirot - 2012-07-20

I think TV purchases work OK-- I have an old season of Gossip Girl HD that I purchased in the past, and I think it works fine.

I tried a rental of 21 Jump Street recently, and that did not work-- it played the preview only. (Others have reported the same with MI4, I think.)

Previously (say 4 months ago) I rented Moneyball, and that worked just fine. That was an earlier revision of the code, of course, and it may have predated any Amazon Flash DRM changes, but of course I don't know for sure.

RE: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video plug-in addon - MonsieurPoirot - 2012-07-21

Just to confirm-- my TV season purchase (of Gossip Girl S1, HD) works just fine.