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Can't download any logos - nirran - 2011-08-22

Hi! I've got a problem. I can't download any icons for a tv-show or change poster/fanart for a movie. When i want to add a poster or logo etc.. on a tv-show I go to "tv-show information" and then "Get logo" as I always done.

But now when i choose a poster I like and want that as cover for the show i click download. And a little "window" should come up with info on the download and show when it's done. But it doesn't, insted i got to wait for nothing and when i go back it says "Download canceled by user" even tho it did'nt start to download.

Anyone who can help me with this? Been trying with diffrent shows/movies and logos and the problem is the same. :confused2:

EDIT: Downloading fanart works as usual now but everything under "Get Logo" wont work. So this problem is only for tv-shows for me, but i still need help to fix this Sad

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