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[Release] VEVO Music Video plugin addon - BlueCop - 2011-08-24

VEVO has the best quality music videos streaming I have seen. Many videos are available at up to 1080p @ 5mbps.

I have added support for all of the site content. I hope it works well for you. it is missing filtering by year but I am looking into implementing an option for this. I found a method to find related videos for a continuous play mode. I am investigating options for this now.

bitrate options are in plugin settings.

this is http only. I couldn't seek the videos though.

You can build xbmc playlists out of the videos items.

download the repo file here

- krish_2k4 - 2011-08-24


props to you my man! will download when im home. is there an option for new premier videos?

- BlueCop - 2011-08-24

yes it lists the video premieres under the Music Videos item.

Search for videos/artists is available. It has genre listings for video/artists.

It supports the vevo playlist, shows and channels as well.

- mkortstiege - 2011-08-24

Too bad its not available outside of the US.

- krish_2k4 - 2011-08-24

vdrfan Wrote:Too bad its not available outside of the US.

Vevo works in the UK and they are rolling it out in the rest of europe too. you can use hotspot shield vpn to access the videos if its blocked in your country.

- Set845 - 2011-08-24

Awesome! This works great on ATV2 with the plugin set at the highest bit rate. The only thing I've seen so far is that videos start paused and I have to press play to start them.

- BlueCop - 2011-08-24

set845: might want to drop it to 720p and save bandwidth. atv2
can't output 1080p. I just realized I only put the bitrate in the settings and not their resolution. i will update that later.

also the http server reports an incorrect size so it trys to buffer fot a long time. I worked around this by just unpausing the stream in the plugin right now. the plugin should do it for you after a couple seconds.

- Set845 - 2011-08-24

Ok great. Thanks.

- junkiepilot - 2011-08-24

Awesome addon, well done. Quality is amazing.

- fouad796 - 2011-08-25

wow thx man i tought nobody is still devloping for xbmc its been really quiet lately

- Agin - 2011-08-25

Randomly installed the addon today. Awesome Cool

- themaster1 - 2011-08-25

I have 2 versions of xbmc installed dharma & the one with dsplayer, same result Hulu add on it's freezing xbmc on the two and have to restart xbmc ultimately.
I tried with the akamai cdn without luck.
I ain't got such a problem with a similar plugin like "Free cable" so i wonder why

- brianf21 - 2011-08-25

Thanks for the script. The only issue that I have is that it tends to pause two seconds into a video. If I click play, it runs with no problems. Is anyone else having the same issue or is it my setup?

- BlueCop - 2011-08-25

I committed an update that adds a setting to add to an xbmc playlist related music videos when a selected music video is played. It is just a setting right now but I am probably going to shift it to being a context item. So with the setting enabled you can play a video and 30 videos related to that video will be played after that if there is no user interaction. You can of source skip through this playlist.

I also changed the way I handled vevo playlists in this update. It now builds an xbmc playlist of the vevo videos and plays it. It used to make a stacked item which xbmc treated as a single video.

also I will look into my unpausing hack I mentioned above. It seems some people don't need it. I will most likely just add a setting for it.

- BlueCop - 2011-08-26

I am really liking watching these music videos.

I decided to try to more tightly integrate with the site. I am working on login support so we can access custom playlist built on the site. I also want to be able to save xbmc playlists with vevo videos to the site under your account. I have the services for this figured out just got to do some work for the login and cookies.

I hope someone find the related playlist option useful. They have a couple modes for related videos I am trying to figure out. they are just labeled mode a and b which return different videos but I am not sure the algorithm on either.

anyway this site is really nice. I found out this has an api site which apps like iphone/ipad vevo app use. It might be useful to use that api rather then the web scraping. It would be able to return many more results without having mutliply requests to the server. A-Z artist letter listings are immensely more useful if you have complete lists.

what do you guys think? how could it be improved? I am on a music video kick.