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Custom Media Flag Icons - d.knight99 - 2011-08-26


First of all, LOVE this skin. Looks really awesome and has some great features.

However, the only thing I don't like is the way the media flags look. Merely a personal preference, but is there a way of manually replacing the image files that the skin uses for my own/ones from another skin? I've looked around the application support folder (running OS X btw) and I can't find where the files are stored.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Or am I going about this all wrong?



- MaxCore - 2011-08-26

i search too

- d.knight99 - 2011-08-26

I have been searching, still can't figure out how to do it. But thanks for being so constructive.

Some threads mention an .xbt file, but I can't open it or edit it's contents? Someone mentioned it's not editable at all? Is that true?

I've tried opening it in texturepacker but the option it always greyed out.

I've also gone to git and got the source (with a file structure of the images instead of the .xbt file.) stoli mentioned on another thread that you don't have to use the .xbt if you don't want to. Can I simply swap out the file for the individual files/folders? Or do I need to tell the skin that I've changed something first?

- stoli - 2011-08-26

If I recall, the skin will use files outside of the packed xbt file first, then revert to the xbt. The files you are looking for are in the skin.neon\media\flagging folder.

- d.knight99 - 2011-08-26

Cheers, yeah that seems to work just fine. I thought I might have had to change an .xml file somewhere but it just worked right away.