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RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - CpTHOOK - 2012-05-23

Plenty of clearance between power plug and fan should not be an issue. It wasn't the height of the BigShr it was it's width. With the case front facing you, the OEM fan is about 4inches to the right of the pwr plug. The pic I posted does look a bit deceiving.

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - eskro - 2012-05-23

100W TDP APU + Arctic Alpine 64 Plus + ISK300 = FTW!!!!!!!

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - Beer40oz - 2012-05-23

Oh sweet then..... thanx.. for the help......

Get the APU A8 with out the stock cooler saved me $20 use it on that cooler..... what a deal!!!!!!!!!!

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - eskro - 2012-05-23

damn man, your going to have a wild build again Beer!!

name is?

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - Beer40oz - 2012-05-23


Funny as I read more they tested with the APU I want.....

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - eskro - 2012-05-23

there's also the Alpine 64 Pro Rev 2 thats worth looking at!

its 8mm taller then its younger brother the ALPINE 64 PLUS but,

if it fits, man, $13 at amazon.com! FTW!!

RE: XBMC Slim-2100 - Beer40oz - 2012-05-23

Dam yes.....

Sorry hook dont mean to take your thread like this.....

that will work.... awesome price.... can't beat.

But that amazon one is rated only for 90w.....

Arctic Alpine 64 Plus FTW!

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