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GUI freeze when backend returns poor signal - xxxnelly - 2011-08-28

Hi guys,

does anyone else get this in the latest version.

08:51:59 T:10020672 DEBUG: Alloc resources: 0.31ms (0.01 ms skin load)
08:51:59 T:10020672 DEBUG: CGUIInfoManager::SetCurrentMovie(pvr://channels/tv/All TV channels/154.pvr)
08:51:59 T:10020672 DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnPlay from xbmc
08:51:59 T:10020672 DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 1, from xbmc, message OnPlay
08:52:00 T:3066030960 ERROR: PVRClient - SignalQuality - addon 'HTS Tvheadend:' returns bad error (-3) from SignalQuality()

then the GUI is frozen until I restart it.


- lordzerg - 2012-01-18

i have same problem but im using VDR , when i recieve msg signal lost and then signal restored and sometimes GUI is freezing.... its 50/50% to happen this and i dont know why it is happening .

for more info i will tell you my system :
e-350 APU from AMD last driver 11.12 with vaapi 0.8 xbmc-pvr latest linux is Kubuntu i will put here last log of xbmc and last log of vdr.



i can submit furder log if any of you developers interested , im not using debug now i will wait any response here ... cya Smile

- FernetMenta - 2012-01-19

Do you see the cpu load go to a maximum if that happens? I might have seen this issue. It's nasty because the debugger does not allow to break in this situation.

- giaur - 2012-01-19

The same in my case.

- LastCoder - 2012-01-19

giaur Wrote:The same in my case.

yep, the same problem ... [XBMC PVR latest build + TVHeadEnd ...]

- lordzerg - 2012-01-21

i will check my CPU is it going to 100% when it crash again , im sorry for the delay i was not able to go online 2 days Smile

and 1 more thing is there anything i can do to restart XBMC or whole PC with the remote ?
Im lazy to go to other room where is my PC and reboot it with Putty ssh connection becouse i dont have keyboard and mouse Smile

- lordzerg - 2012-01-21

cpu is not on 100% when GUI freezes , im now testing new VDR 1.7.23
this gui freeze is happening when LIVE TV cant decode a channel and it says signal lost , then signal restored ... and if this happens 2-3 times GUI freeze and i must restart.

- giaur - 2012-01-21

Sometimes this is enough to stop tv playback and start it again and there is no more freezes. But, sometimes xbmc freezes totally and pkill X on other terminal is only way get control again.

- lordzerg - 2012-01-21

yeah but the worst part is if i restart KDM and when xbmc load again and i switch on some channel or when i play a movie there is no picture anymore ( i think video driver fu*ks up and i must restart the whole pc...

is there a way to restart X with CTRL ALT and BACKSPACE ? on Kubuntu ? why they removed the shortcut...

- giaur - 2012-01-21

Quote:is there a way to restart X with CTRL ALT and BACKSPACE ? on Kubuntu ?
Go to keyboard layout options and enable this.

- lordzerg - 2012-01-22

i enable the shortcut but its not working if xbmc is standalone mode Smile
i start it from KDM directly not inside the KDE ...

- LastCoder - 2012-02-15

with Beta 2 freezing increased rapidly when switching channels, even if signal is stable, or if using (video related) functions like fast forward. In most cases I have to open a seperate terminal login and kill XBMC manually ... or my wife has to reset the maschine Wink

- FernetMenta - 2012-02-17

We are changing the lib for tcp connection which might be the source of this problem. The task is not fully completed yet.

- LastCoder - 2012-02-27

FernetMenta Wrote:We are changing the lib for tcp connection which might be the source of this problem. The task is not fully completed yet.

after upgrading from BETA 2 to BETA 3 freezing clearly decreased .. seems you have got the knack ! Good work !



RE: GUI freeze when backend returns poor signal - davy39 - 2012-03-19

I still have this crashes when using pulse-eight ppa when I lose the DVB signal.
Do you know if this release integrate the changes that you're speaking about ?
If not, is there a way to upgrade my configurationtion ?