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@Dushmaniac - Movies not going in full screen, xbmc hangs. - loggio - 2011-09-03

Hi There,

I'm using ubuntu, after running your last two ppa builds from pulse eight (not sure if the issues was around before that) but if i open Live TV and play back a channel using TVheadend, bring up OSD channel list, then stop playback, then go to my movies library and click on a movie xbmc will hang/freeze... sometimes i can hear the movie playing but it does not go fullscreen and i cannot navigate.

Not sure if this is PVR related, but it only seems to happen after i watch pvr.

- loggio - 2011-09-16

* bump

- loggio - 2011-09-16

I can confirm that it's not just videos, but it hangs when i try to play audio as well. Everything is flawless, until i use OSD channel list... then stop live TV and try to play a file from my library then XBMC will hang.

i think OSDchannel list is causing this.
not sure how or why.

- ant_thomas - 2011-09-16

I've seen something similar (or the same in fact) videos seem to work fine after, which is when I've restarted XBMC and playing a video is the first thing I've done.

I'll try and repeat it tonight and get a crashlog to you.

Oh, actually I'm back on ODK40 so I won't see the issue anymore.

- opdenkamp - 2011-09-17

submit a bug report on trac or github and attach a full debug log please

- loggio - 2011-09-17

No worries, will do tomorrow.

- loggio - 2011-09-18


Ticket created on trac: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/11968
i attached 2 debug logs and cc'd you.

let me know if you find anything.