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- `Black - 2011-11-06

Can someone maybe provide me a fully set up database with thumbnails etc. for advanced launcher? This would save me much time and I could add the views pretty quickly I think.

- bakito - 2011-11-06

my advance launcher setup is a bit big more ( than 200 mb of fanart..)....still I can send you my setup.xml and some game console fanart to help you getting start...but if I recall correctly Angelcry said that he tests his plugin just with wordpad (as an emulator) and a text file (as a rom) ...a fast way of testing...
anyway I will upload different fanart ( the games boxes'pictures ) so you can see the different format of picture for you to build some new views in your great skin!







I hope it will help you....( the last one is my advance setup "launcher.xml")

- `Black - 2011-11-06

Yes, that will help, thanks.

- bakito - 2011-11-07

you're welcome
i'm glad to help! (for once!)

here,angelcry made this for skinner:


- Angelscry - 2011-11-07

As explain bakito, faster way to test Advanced Launcher for skin makers is first to create into a "roms" directory, 5-6 fake game files (empty text files with game names). Create a "thumb" and a "fanart" empty directory.

Then, into Advanced Launcher, create a files launcher using any application present on your system, and used "roms", "thumb" a "fanart" directories previously created. Then setup Advanced Launcher scrapers to get game data (using allgames scraper), thumbs and fanarts (using gamefaq scraper) into automatic mode. Then select "Add items "option and "Scan for new items".

This will quickly create a small game collection with all the necessary metata needed to be displayed.

- hentai23 - 2011-11-08

hell i have to say ....NO other skin on here looks as stunning as yours atm and the fluid animations...now all we need is the customizability from aeon mq3 and this will be a beast since its lacking ALOT in that department.

any way to add videos as background instead of pictures? butchabay was workin on something dun know .... heres a link



being able to add custom menu items from favourites is a must ...please

as an avid advanced launcher user for comics and games , i too beg for proper views youre skin is very limited in views exspecially when it comes to programs -.-' , and please if theres a way please make a full wallview for movies not this squashed in to the middle type of wallview -.-' make the thumbs zoom out more for some examples load up marcos´s latest aeon mq3 built , thanks in advance bro and im looking forward to be able to enjoy youre skin ...once all these things are done , thanks

- `Black - 2011-11-08

hentai23 Wrote:any way to add videos as background instead of pictures? butchabay was workin on something dun know

If there's a proper way natively supported by XBMC, yes... but playing a video in the background or using a multiimage control is kinda suboptimal so no I don't think so. Smile

hentai23 Wrote:being able to add custom menu items from favourites is a must ...please

I think I explained somewhere in this thread why I won't add this yet. But you can add anything you want with custom path, use Playmedia(path_to_your_movie_or_song) as path. You just don't have a dialog to choose from.

- hentai23 - 2011-11-08

well i hope you integrate the ability to select favs as menu items soon -.-'

"you just dont have a dialog to choose from"

real great ...xD

and about the video background , butchabay succesfully added it perhaps pm him he should be able to help out ,and i hope you can add the rest that i requested , i really do wanna use it its just missing some crucial parts -.-'....peace keep up the hard work bro

- `Black - 2011-11-08

I mean you can easily add it yourself, add <onfocus>PlayMedia(...)</onfocus> in the startup.xml and enable background video in the skin settings. I don't think butchabay has done anything else. Problem is, it's more of a hack since you can't listen to music while you have the video playing so I won't add this if it's not supported by XBMC in a much better way.

I just updated the favourites script so it can be run with a setFavourite option. So this will be added soon to the skin.

- butchabay - 2011-11-08

Hi Black, exactly it's a playlist you can choose at startup. Already mentioned that's nothing new in xbmc. The selected videos would play in the background in a loop. As you said it's not really perfect, when you play music the video can't play simultan. Once music stops the video playing can be activated with backspace. I agree the best way should be integrated in xbmc to choose via visualization, but that won't happen in near future i'm sure!

- hentai23 - 2011-11-08

sounds good black and yeah well hope this gets better support the background videos , pretty useless when i dont get any sound playing music xD

p.s: hope you doin something about the other requests ive stated too bro would be appreciated alot , stay fresh

- losedes - 2011-11-09

`Black Wrote:So, finally here's the new version of my skin for the latest nightly builds. Smile


How to install:
  • Important!: Download latest nighly build (20111003-fc543cb or later)
  • Download repository.blacks.zip
  • In case you've used the old version and have skin.xperience1080 in addons, delete it first and remove everything related to xperience1080 from guisettings.xml in the userdata folder
  • In XBMC browse to Add-ons > Install from ZIP file > Navigate to where you saved xbmc.repo.blacks.zip and Install
  • Then Add-ons > Get Add-ons > Black's Repository > Program Add-Ons (you may need to update the repo once if it's empty)
  • Install viewmodes & playerevents script (this is important!!)
  • Go back, then into Skin and install Xperience1080
  • Restart XBMC after skin is installed because there are some scripts which get started on startup

You can post bugs and suggestions here. I'll also upload the skin to github later with all uncompressed textures. If you want to mod the skin, I can also provide .psd files, just ask if you need something.

For TVShows I would recommend to have banner.jpg in your TVShow folder and posters as folder.jpg. You can enable locally stored banners in settings as well as download banners with logo downloader.

If someone wants to do a translation for another language besides english & german, here's the english language file.



thanks a lot. I´ve allready install it on my AppleTV2 with the latest nightbuild version. But i don´t know how to install the english string parch. Can you help me with this, pleaseHuh??

- bakito - 2011-11-09

hello black,
is there a way to remove the dark layer that comes on the screen when you get to movies or tv shows?
just to have the same background as in the home menu...

- `Black - 2011-11-09

That layer is there for a reason but if you want to remove it, remove Control.IsVisible(55) & Control.IsVisible(60) from line 229 in Includes_WindowContents.xml.

Just set the language to English and everything should be fine.

- bakito - 2011-11-09

I just want to test different style...and well it's not very nice
though the line you tell me to delete didn't remove the black layer completely...
thanks anyway!