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- krish_2k4 - 2012-02-06

In the TV Banner List view I want to use Posters instead of Banners. When I select "Use Posters" they come up blank. My posters are all named folder.jpg.

When I go into the TV show info menu and press left the TV show poster displays but not when you return back into the TV show menu in "banner list"

- `Black - 2012-02-06

Poster = folder.jpg and banner = banner.jpg. Do this, then reimport all you tv shows and it will work. Make sure you have enabled use locally stored banners in the skin settings.

- brunok - 2012-02-06

nbplopes Wrote:You need to go to the GIT I believe.
Sorry, but what's GIT?

- Japaja - 2012-02-06

brunok Wrote:Sorry, but what's GIT?

Download at top-left where it says ZIP.

- `Black - 2012-02-06

Just wait 15 min, then you can download the 0.9.7 version incl. metro home screen from the repo.

- krish_2k4 - 2012-02-06

`Black Wrote:Poster = folder.jpg and banner = banner.jpg. Do this, then reimport all you tv shows and it will work. Make sure you have enabled use locally stored banners in the skin settings.

already named my posters folder.jpg but ran artwork downloader and it seemed to have picked the posters up. cheers.

- `Black - 2012-02-07

I think the problem is "use locally stored banners"... if not enabled, you need banner as folder.jpg and poster as poster.jpg. If enabled, you need poster as folder.jpg and banner as banner.jpg... so enable it because it's more common and I think I'll remove the setting at all in future skin versions.

Edit: 0.9.7 update is now on the repo, metro home screen included.

• Added new metro homescreen
• Added some icons + psd for metro home screen custom items
• Added polish language (thanks to slawekebi)
• Added new default textviewer dialog layout
• Added option to disable watch list and random items script
• Added finish time to pause label
• Added truehd flag
• Added automatic setting of label & icon if add-on path is set as custom home item
• Updated icon
• Updated Dutch language file
• Updated duration label width for music list view
• Changed logo downloader to artwork downloader
• Fixed weather/clock info not moving to bottom if controls on top
• Fixed sluggish scrolling in wall view
• Fixed label indentation for episode title in banner list view if (un)watched overlays disabled
• Fixed missing label for poster view on season level
• Fixed on left from home to search
• Usual small fixes

- Bram77 - 2012-02-07

ederson Wrote:skin > views > enable watched/ unwatched overlays

Thanks, but that's not what I mean. I often toggle watched/unwatched from within the view. Almost all skins support this, but this option is not present in the skin from the views context menu.

- ederson - 2012-02-07

sorry Bram Big Grin

i don`t really use this so my mind goes directly to overlays

- `Black - 2012-02-07


- Despotism - 2012-02-07

Despotism Wrote:I have a very small request...

I have a Plasma TV and while you have an option to remove time and options when playing Music.......

I had posted this back on page 70, I think it was just unfortunate timing. However I never got a reply back. You SKIN is the most "Plasma Friendly" of the skins.. I like the way it looks and runs and everything it does. It has several modes which are without a double almost 100% pixel changing, which is PERFECT for Plasma screens. I say almost because the skin also suffers from a few locations which... never change, and will cause Plasma Burn very easily.

I run in Poster mode, although I do like the Triple Panel mode because it's similar with just a few locations of "none changing data". I use Triple Panel mode if I'm looking to read something about the video first etc.

I spent most of the time on the Poster mode because of the Plasma screen. The problem is, there are three areas which do not change.. Static bright white words that never move when "browsing".. I have a 1 minute screen saver timeout and I have it dim down to just 10% brightness.

Below is a screen shot of the areas which are not Plasma Friendly.. My request is very simple - Have a "Plasma" mode.. You already kind of have this in the Music Menu, but it's not global across all menus if you can make it global across all menus that would be perfect!


The other mode I wouldn't mind changing is this mode.. and it's TriPanel mode duplicate..

- DaGround - 2012-02-09

This skin is awesome work!! Smile

any possibility to get some Back Buttons in the menues so it would be fully touchable?
or am i just missing a setting? That would be soooo great Smile

- Cthugha - 2012-02-09

I just found this after searching for a good skin based on the Metro design. The new homescreen looks nice!

Does anyone know if this skin works well on a NVIDIA NG-ION (gen 2) machine? I tried the Aeon MQ 3 skin a while ago and that didn't run well (slow lagging menus, etc). The original Eden Confluence skin and similar (less flashy) skins runs great!
More info about the machine in my signature below...

- mavgink - 2012-02-09

it should run ok (using a asrock ion 3d here)
with the ddsfanart option is runs just fine.

- `Black - 2012-02-09

I'll look into that.

No because this skin isn't (in any way) optimized for touch screens. I would go a whole different approach if I wanted to do a skin for devices like the iPad.