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RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - iorifly - 2012-04-03

Black Which file should I delete?

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - `Black - 2012-04-03

(2012-04-03, 02:45)binBD Wrote: how do you get <onclcck> ? </onclcck> to send keyboard presses?

Not possible.

MyVideosXX.db and the thumbnail folder.

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - markswift - 2012-04-03

I am I the only one getting no icons for current weather or forecast using the metro homescreen?

Best skin by far... I just wish the power + weather icons were hidden when the fanart screensaver was in use; serious screenburn and had to move to the dimmed one.


RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - oaz1 - 2012-04-04

Hello Black,

is it possible to edit the movies page? There are 4 places where you can put some shortcuts to your addons. I want to separate my movies, for example, 3D, Vacation Movies and more like this.
If its possible, how please?

/edit: See here

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - ppic - 2012-04-04

click on "+" and choose playlist type, and link to you 3D playlist, or Vacation film playlist .

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - Cthugha - 2012-04-04

Sorry for posting again, but I still have these questions/issues...

(2012-03-31, 13:44)Cthugha Wrote: Great skin! I use it in Metro UI mode.

A few questions...

Using this skin seem to mess up the font (or font size) in a few addons. For example Spotimc and Navi-X. Is there a fix for that?

How do you edit/change the addon/program shortcuts on the different screens?

I also have the problem with posters on the home screen. Got them downloaded and everything. All media etc stored on network file server (SMB)...


RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - Chokladkakan - 2012-04-07

I do think this skin is absolutely brilliant, however I have been experiencing an oddity: if I go to the power menu, either by pressing S or actually navigating to the button, and select Reload Skin the skin appears to reload just fine, except for the power menu itself - it is completely dead. I assume the reload script simply isn't starting the power menu script, but what do I know. Smile

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - `Black - 2012-04-07

I don't know why that's happening... I think I'll remove that from the shutdown menu because as a user you don't need to reload the skin.

1. I included the fonts from Confluence in my skin so it should work. Please check if it works correctly in Confluence.
2. Settings -> Skin -> Home -> Manage custom home items
3. What problems exactly? They don't show? If it shows banners, that problem has been answered many times now.

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - blacklist - 2012-04-07

I looked through most of the thread and might have missed the answer - but in the metro view, if I want to remove or change one of my custom items, how do I reset it?

Nevermind... Black just answered it. My bad!

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - alexhendershott - 2012-04-07

Is there anyway to have the background of the metro home screen be fanart/posters from our movie/tv collection? Similar to how refocus did it, and also like it is setup here:


Any direction on how to achieve that would be amazing. Thanks so much!

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - `Black - 2012-04-08

Set the background(s) to i.e. movie/tv fanart in settings -> skin -> backgrounds. What you can't do is split movies and tv fanart because XBMC stores them in the same folder.

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - alexhendershott - 2012-04-08

Awesome, thanks!

One more question. While playing a video, if I move my trackball (http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Multimedia-Remote-Keyboard-N5901/dp/B0036VO67I) I see the play/stop and other icons. However, I don't seem to get a mouse cursor here and cannot click on any of the other icons. Am I doing something wrong? Are there hot keys for those other icons? Is it the remote I am using? Thanks so much!

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - `Black - 2012-04-08

Skin has no mouse support and won't get support.

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - alexhendershott - 2012-04-08

Right, I didn't think it did. I was just curious how I access the icons that exist when I am viewing a movie? I can access play/pause, but nothing else.

RE: [RELEASE] Xperience1080 v0.9b (nightlies only) - Chokladkakan - 2012-04-09

If you press Return, said list of controls should appear. You can then navigate through them using your arrow keys.