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[RELEASE] XBMC-ECP (eMule Control Panel) Script - sambarza - 2005-04-04

i started to develop a script to connect from xbmc to my emuleplus client and control it... (20-04-2005 now support also emule and some mods)


i'm very new to python and xbmc... sooo i wait for any suggestion...


- sambarza - 2005-04-04

xbmc-ecp screenshot


- ent - 2005-04-04

you say your new to python and xbmc? no way!

that's scripts brilliant, not only does it function well it looks great. i can't wait to see your next project!

- Asteron - 2005-04-04

(sambarza @ april 03 2005,19:18 Wrote:xbmc-ecp screenshot
the control list you have in the screenshot would benefit from the new label2 funtionality.


the label2 is the greyed-out text you see on the right of some of the lists. i think the numbers would go better in it. you may want to wrap the call to that in a try: catch: though since older builds will not have the new control lists.

- sambarza - 2005-04-04

how can i use this feature? i need to compile from cvs version?


- lolol - 2005-04-04


no, using last build (april 1) should be enough!

cu lolol

- lolol - 2005-04-04

hi again!

i like your script-idea very much but not testet yet...

does it run with any version of emule including a webserver?

i run morph xt 6.4 i dont want to change that...

i read in cvs there are no icons yet: i made some, here:
download from rapidshare maybe they could be used? :o :agree:

greets lolol

- sambarza - 2005-04-06

i'm using new build with new listcontrol ... very very good (see new screeshots)
thanks for the icons i will use  :thumbsup: maybe i will need also icons for status of download files (complete downloading etc etc... Blush )

if morph use the same templates of emuleplus there are no problems... probably...

- Asteron - 2005-04-06

ohhh a wizard... thats a neat idea... i dont think ive seen any other script do that :-)

the interface is looking pretty slick Smile

- lolol - 2005-04-06


no problem, status icons will follow....

i think i'll make them tonight...

ps: still had no time to test th script Sad

cu lolol

- sambarza - 2005-04-09

first release  :lol:


- lolol - 2005-04-09


great work... what icons do you need for the download status exactly?

i would think these:

- downloading
- paused
- stopped
- waiting
- finished

in what size should these icons be?

cu lolol

- sambarza - 2005-04-09

mmmhh... i think i will not have so much time to implement... i will ask you when necessary thanks

can you make a smart logo (like "xbmc-ecp") to put on the main screen in the top left?


- lolol - 2005-04-09

i can do a logo, ok

i'll post it here, when i finished it.

cu lolol

- lolol - 2005-04-10


here is a first try of logo for this script. its png 24 bit.


what do think about?

cu lolol