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Nox Scrapers? - Pics provided - Help on image - dugan26 - 2011-09-28

I just converted to Nox ...

Check out Season 1's pic below - looks fine - this came over from when I was on MQ2 (needed to convert to use a Comic viewer which is not supported in MQ2)


Later on Nox scraped season 4's pic and it came out looking like the pic below:


How do i fix this ?

Is there a way to pro-actively activate the scraping process? for example in MQ2 you can hit the C key and scroll to scan for new content ...

I dont see that option in Nox

Many thanks in advance

- Martijn - 2011-09-28

Nox does not scrape anything. XBMC does.
Some things to consider:
Try and see how it looks in MQ2.
Nox has the same kind of C menu as MQ2
Check skin settings to use poster.jpg instead ob banner.
Did you install the correct version (dharma10.1 or pre-eden?)
Nox is only for 16x9 resolution.

Side note:
Nox doesn't support a mouse so that why the red dialog . Disable it in settings

- dugan26 - 2011-09-28

got it on the xbmc vs. nox -
looked the same in MQ2 - however I "reloaded" it and it came up correctly - then went back to Nox and remained good ... not sure why ...
got it on the C in Nox - not sure how i missed that
Skin setting? where is that setting - couldnt find it
Im on 10.1
Good on the 16X9 -

Must have been a fluke ...


- Martijn - 2011-09-28

Press 'S' -> setting -> skin -> general settings -> scroll a little down on the right pane.

A lot of other tweak options there.