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Missing Logos - mdwexford - 2011-09-29

I added a few new shows to my folder last night but no logos are showing for any of them?

- stoli - 2011-09-29

Did you download them?

- mdwexford - 2011-10-04

Hmm i didnt know i had to.

How do i go about that please?

- stoli - 2011-10-04

Just select "I"nfo at the TV Show level and then "Get Artwork".

- mdwexford - 2011-10-05

It says no tvdb id found.

Thye have fanart and posters but dont know how to get the logos.


- htpc guy - 2011-10-05

The logo downloader script will scrape images from fanart.tv. Make sure your shows are named correctly according to thetvdb.com and make sure the images are listed in the fanart.tv website.

- mdwexford - 2011-10-05

Ok for an example the show An Idiot Abroad, my show folder is named that which matches the name on tvdb, fanart.tv has several logos for the show yet in my xbmc it says no logo available.

I presume im doing something silly wrong, i appreciate the help.

Just realised i can download them manually and put them in the tv show folder and xbmc picks them up so ill just do that.

- runderekrun - 2011-10-06

Had this error. Updating to the newest XBMC nightly fixed it.

- OggyHr - 2012-01-25

Hello, I have weird problem with TV shows logo.
In some shows there are no logo and in some there he is. But, when I downloaded logo.png in TV show folder he is displayed in artwork but it doesn't show when I'm browsing Shows.
Maybe problem is because I before some days deleted the content of folder 3 in thumbnail cache folder.

English is not my native language so sorry for maybe bad English

- Pillzbury - 2012-01-25

If you get the "no tvdb" error, you need to rescrape the show. Select it and hit "i" (or select tv show information from the context menu) and choose refresh. If it asks you if you want to refresh show information for all episodes, choose yes. If it says there was local information found, tell it to ignore it and refresh from the internet. If your show is ambiguously named, it will pop up a list of possible matches. Choose the correct one.

Now you can search for the additional artwork via the method Stoli mentioned earlier.

- Deckard42 - 2012-02-12

I just upgraded to the XBMCbuntu beta 3, installed neon, and scraped all my TV show information. But I'm having issues with the show artwork, especially the icons. I can download the icons for my shows, and they are correctly placed in each show's folder but it seems that xbmc isn't recognizing them. None of the downloaded artwork is showing up in the show's artwork menu. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it an overall xbmc beta issue?