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RE: DVBLink benefits ? - Booza - 2012-04-04

(2012-04-03, 14:47)LastCoder Wrote: why wait .. take VDR, MythTV or TVHeadEnd (my preference) as backends and XBMC as frontend and say bye bye to windows .. and with windows you have 4theRecord or Mediaportal as backends ..

'cause I don't know DVBLink software - what makes DVBLink that great in your eyes Huh ?

Maybe it's worth a look , but there are so many tv backends so there must be some really considerable advantages of supporting DVBLink ..

It's simplicity and stability are the main reasons I use DVBLink and WMC rather than XBMC and the backends you mention. I don't have to spend anytime setting it up on my Windows Home Server and it just works on all my clients Media Centers with rich guide data resulting in full marks for WAF.

I've used Mediaportal before (about 4 years ago) before moving on to XBMC (which I loved). I found Mediaportal fairly labourous to tweak and maintain but fell in Love with XBMC for its richness while being easy to tweak. At the time I was using them just to play stored media, when it came to wanting to use my networked Media Centers server by a tuner farm to serve all TV DVBLink seemed like the only viable solution and has proved fantastic.

Things may have changed as at the time TV support was only in its infancy as far as XBMC was concerned and user reports suggested frequent difficulties, especially using windows based systems. I looked into using Mediaportal but it hadn't changed much in complexity since my first experiences and the setup process appeared infinitely more difficult than DVBLink, from memory I think the same could be said for 4therecord.

I would love to see DVBLink in XBMC as it would allow me to ditch Windows Media Center (or possibly Windows entirely) while keeping a networked back end that has worked flawlessly. The possible difficulties and work involved of setting up another backend put me off trying something new. I will however look into 4TR and MP again.

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - LastCoder - 2012-04-04

^ I agree with Mediaportal, maybe it's getting better with the new release 2.0 which should be rewritten from scratch. Never tried 4Record simply 'cause I have a single seat system and I abandoned windows forever as OS ;-)

But a really easy-to-install-and-maintain- solution is TVHeadEnd .. small, resource efficient and fast, delivers everything you would expect from a tv backend .. the limit is XBMC ;-) .. you don't need any fancy pc hardware, an old disused pc with some tuners, a small linux distribution like #! crunchbang, semplice and so on and tvheadend .. and voila you have a lightning fast and cheap tv backend ..

At least I'm not sure why the open source community should promote a commercial closed source project like DVBLink .. if they want earn money for their products maybe they should write an xbmc plugin ;-)



RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - fogw - 2012-04-12


Just got news that the DVBlogic team has releases python DVBlink remote API library:



RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - margro - 2012-04-15

Right now, all PVR addons are written in C/C++. Writing pvr addons in python is (as far as I can see from the XBMC sources) not yet supported.
The XML based DVB Remote API is a better choice for the creation of a a DVBLink pvr addon.

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - fogw - 2012-04-15


C/c++ libraries was released the same day as the python libs. Margro: possible for you to program a dvblink pvr addon?


RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - margro - 2012-04-15

Possible but I'm not going to do it.
I'm not interested in the development of yet-another PVR addon for Windows. It is already time-consuming enough to maintain 2 addons.
Furthermore, I'm not going to buy DVBLink because other people are interested in a PVR addon for this backend.

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - fogw - 2012-04-15

Hi again!

I understand your arguments Smile. I was hoping for a plugin for DVBlink, as it is by far the most stable backend for windows. I have tried both 4therecord, and mediaportal. Unfortunately, none of them a as stable and quick as the DVBlink.

I think ita possible to use DVBlink for 30 days before you have to buy it



RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - MDDSD - 2012-04-18

I've developed a simple XBMC add-on for DVBlink.
It lists all available channels on your DVBlink Connect Server and when selected it streams that channel to your XBMC client.

You can install this add-on in XBMC by downloading it and then going to System - Add-ons - Install from zip file.
You then need to edit the settings for the add-on, this is done by selecting DVBlink and pressing C or right click on the add-on and select Edit add-on settings.

Here's a link to the add-on: http://www.dsd.se/plugin.video.dvblink.zip

I've only tested this add-on on XBMC 11 (Eden).

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - fogw - 2012-04-23


link in previous post: 404 - File or directory not found. ??


RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - MDDSD - 2012-04-23

Sorry I've released a new version and removed the old one. Smile


Version 1.1.0
Download the new version here: http://www.dsd.se/plugin.video.dvblink-1.1.0.zip
You need to install it the same way as stated above.

- The add-on now uses the DVBLogics python classes for calling DVBLink Connect Server.
- Added support for EPG.
You can invoke the context menu with EPG info by pressing C or by clicking the right mousebutton.
- Added support for Dutch language.

I've also posted in the DVBlogics forum: http://dvblogic.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=18242

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - fogw - 2012-04-23


Thx a lot... will try it when I get home Smile


RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - Skandy - 2012-08-22

Hi everybody,

any news about/status on the development of a PVR addon for DVBLink products?

I would be interested on starting such a development with some brave soldiers over here Smile

So? Python? C++?

Thanks guys.

RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - Skandy - 2012-09-07


RE: DVBLink Client API for XBMC - MDDSD - 2012-09-07

The development for DvbLink support in the PVR version of XBMC is already in progress.
There's some information over at the DvbLink development forum: http://www.dvblogic.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=19703&sid=7fef478f96e6b0cf20ab47bc4db9ae44

For the latest version of the DvbLink add-on for Xbmc, please goto: http://dvblogic.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=18242

DVBLink Client API for XBMC - Skandy - 2012-09-07

Thanks DSD. That's great news.