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[Release] TheConcertDB.org - mad-max - 2011-10-11

Hey Guys,

after little modding of the "TheMovieDB.org" scraper, I have released a scraper to scan your Music-DVDs/BluRays to the music-video section.
Unfortunately there is no "Artist" field in TMDB, so I can not make a cross-reference to the Artist in the music-library. But maybe I will find a trick to do so.

At the moment simple scanning from DVDs and BluRays is possible with poster an fanart.
Also the option to set the preferred language for the retrieved info can be set in the settings.
So you can get info in German, English whatever is provided by TheMovieDB...

This scraper is only tested with Pre-Eden...but as spiff said, the dharma and eden scrapers are compatible...

EDIT zag: Try this new version that works with the updated TMDB API




Hopefully someone may find it useful...


- spiff - 2011-10-11

fyi dharma and eden-pre scrapers are 100% compatible.

and cool.

- mad-max - 2011-10-11

Hey spiff,


just have taken a look at the <requires>-tag an saw different version for the <import>metadata.common.XXX</import> so I thought there might be a difference...

well, than even dharma can use this scraper...


BTW: Any hint on how to make the reference for the artist?
Maybe a stringsplit up to a ":" or a "-"?

- grauhase - 2011-10-12

What a strange coincidence...

MarcosQui, the creator of Aeon MQ Skins posted something very similar in a brazilian forum about XBMC a few days. Although u probably can't ready portuguese u can see the date and the link to download it...



- mad-max - 2011-10-12

Yeah, that was quite funny...Marcos and I were speaking about this...maybe it came from the point that the idea to use musicvideos for concerts was something that I introduced in the mq2...

BTW: No I cannot speak Portugese and the Link is only named "Download"...so no clue what could be behind it...

And I released 2 of these scrapers also some days ago at xbmcnerds.com:
One for IMDB: http://www.xbmcnerds.com/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7323
and the one for TMDB: http://www.xbmcnerds.com/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7364

You might take a look at the mq3-thread...there you find the conversation about it on the last pages...


- valdo lopes - 2011-10-13


- jpno5 - 2011-11-05

does work but its a pain in the ass, mod it to use the folder name and not the filename and it will be more effective.

- mad-max - 2011-11-05

jpno5 Wrote:does work but its a pain in the ass, mod it to use the folder name and not the filename and it will be more effective.

And why is it a pain in the a**?
What's the problem?
Maybe your file-naming?


- Cronos - 2011-11-15

Looks sweet.
I need to try this once I get past my obstacles with scraping tvshows.

- Cronos - 2011-11-16

But how to install..? I am trying to use this with Ember Media Manager-revisited (which I believe can use XMBC scrapers).

- mad-max - 2011-11-16

Never tried to use it with emm-r...
Try to install from nerds-repo directly in xbmc...


- rflores2323 - 2011-11-24

Could u add an option to lookup with folder instead of filename.

- mad-max - 2011-11-24

rflores2323 Wrote:Could u add an option to lookup with folder instead of filename.

The scraper should be already capable of doing this, but afaik the internal xbmc-code can not use folder-names for music-videos...
maybe a dev can enlighten us...


- camel - 2011-11-25

Another vote for naming by folder name here. As the concerts I have were previously all being managed as movies, they're in folders so that they can "use folder name for lookup" on IMDB.

Thanks for your add-on!

- mad-max - 2011-11-25

I posted ths "lookup based on folder name" in the feature suggestion area--->

Let's see what will happen!