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How to write my own RTSP stack? - aleet - 2011-10-13

I have seem many posts about people trying to write a plugin for different RTSP VOD server. Seems like every server has their own dialect.

I tried "strm", but my VOD server is expecting so much like sdp and destination IP:port, etc. Basically RTSP SETUP failed.

I have no problem writing my own python script to take care of the RTSP dialect, but is there a way to tell XBMC to just wait for the video? Since I have more than 1 ethernet interface, how do I tell XBMC to bind on IP:port?

If the above works, during the video is playing, what calls will give me a trigger if user press FF / REW / STOP?


Same problem - tschajkovski - 2011-11-20

I would like to achieve the same.

Any help will be appreciated since I really have a tight schedule for this project....


Me too - elias - 2011-12-03


I found that the native rtsp implementation of xbmc is rather buggy and it does not support server side commands such as Fast Forward, correctly. If you try to FF on xbmc it will simply hang, because xbmc buffer gets depleted, it should send the FF command to the rtsp server instead so that it fastforward without extra load on the network.

So, I would like to help implementing these features. Can anyone help me understand the rtsp protocol implementation under xbmc?

Thanks! Laugh