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Banner image squashed in TV show info screen - ramian - 2011-10-13

I'm using the latest stable release of Dharma and the Alaska revisited skin downloaded from within XBMC.
I was previously using Transparency as a skin, and so deleted all fanart, posters, etc from the root folders of all TV shows and have followed your following instructions:
  • Have the scraper set to download Posters.
  • Download the Banner and Landscape images from TVdb and save them to each TV Show folder naming them banner.jpg and landscape.jpg respectively. I recommend resizing the landscape images to 408x230 to prevent slowdown.
  • If you need to change any of the images for whatever reason you'll need to delete userdata/Database/textures.db to force XBMC to re-cache them.
The only thing I didn't do was to resize them as I don't have any issues with slowdowns.

I used the TVDBdownloader to download all possible fanart (/banner /poster /fanart /clearlogo /clearart) by TVDB and manually renamed all the fanart.jpg to landscape.jpg. All fanart was copied to the root folders of the respective TV shows.

I will use Dexter as an example to show my problem:
banner.jpg: Image
landscape.jpg: http://thetvdb.com/banners/fanart/original/79349-16.jpg
poster.jpg: http://thetvdb.com/banners/posters/79349-2.jpg

Regardless of which viewtype I use (except Logo), when I go into TV show information when the show is selected (not at season/episode list), the banner.jpg is shown squashed to the dimensions of the poster.jpg.

However, when I access TV show information from either the season or episode selection screen, the correct poster.jpg is displayed without being squashed.

When I go into TV show information when using the Logo viewtype, I don't get any image displayed there.
This isn't all that much of an issue to me as I prefer using the Panel Wide viewtype anyway.

Please let me know which .xml file I need to edit to change the reference from banner.jpg to poster.jpg for the TV show information dialog accessed from the list of TV shows.

If you need me to clarify the problem I'm facing, I'll be glad to do so.

Otherwise, really love your skin. Big Grin


Edit: This occurs in all TV shows, and not just Dexter.

- ramian - 2011-10-19

Have redownloaded the skin, but the problem of the squashed banner.jpg appearing in TV show information still occurs.

Could someone please let me know which xml file defines what is shown on the tv show info page so that I can edit the reference of banner.jpg to poster.jpg?


- Hitcher - 2011-10-19

There is no reference to banner.jpg. The info screen uses the cached thumb that XBMC scraped from the tvdb and in your case you've got it set to download banners instead of posters.

- ramian - 2011-10-19

Thanks for the reply.

After switching from my previous skin, I had switched the setting to download posters instead of banners, and had refreshed the content of all shows. I'd mentioned it at the beginning of my original post.

Also, the files banner.jpg, poster.jpg within the root folders of each show didn't seem to be used by XBMC. Is it not possible to force XBMC to use these images instead of what it has scraped?

I eventually had to delete and re-initialise the library (and delete the Thumbnails folder) and re-scrape everything to get it to show the correct image. I don't get why such an extreme step was necessary.