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- jmarshall - 2005-04-10

hi all,

due to the huge number of changes since the last version change, there's been a number of things added etc. that would mean that some things will have stopped functioning if you haven't updated for some time.

in short, it's time to bump up the version number. however, i don't want to do it without giving you all time to update. this thread will contain the things that you will have to make sure of in order for the skin to work well under version 1.3.

1. music overlay.

firstly, this should be done completely using <info> tags in labels and images and conditional textures (use of the <visible> tag). secondly, it should be disabled by default in the fullscreen visualisation. you can choose whether you would like to continue using the music overlay in other views - it's up to you.

2. video overlay.

this should be done completely using <info> tags in labels and images, and conditional textures.

3. fullscreen video.

the pause, play, fastforward images should all be done using <visible> tags.

4. video windows: the list + thumb controls in all video windows will be changed to 50 and 51. you should also set the <onleft> and <onright> tags to 2 (or whatever control you wish it to go to on left + right) on both controls.

5. playlistcontrols.xml - you should all have a small popup window from the gui in order to use this feature. this can be whatever you like (eg could contain now playing info or whatever). none of the controls are hard-coded, so you can do what you like with it, although it will only popup if something is playing (using the start key).

6. controls of <type> infolabel, infofadelabel, and infoimage will no longer work post 1.3. just add the <info> tag to label, fadelabel and image controls instead (or alternatively, change their <type> tags back to label, fadelabel and image.

that's all i can think of for now. please post anything you find you have needed to add etc.

v1.3 won't be going live for another week (or 2) - when i've decided when it'll be, i'll let you all know.

if i can do anything to help the changeover go smoothly, please let me know.

all of the above (and below) changes can be done as of the 11th of april without breaking anything in xbmc, so you can get started whenever you like.


- jmarshall - 2005-04-11

more stuff:

7. video osd:

the play/pause, fastforward and rewind buttons should be done using the <usealttexture> and <execute>xbmc.playercontrol()</execute> tags. id's for the fastforward and rewind buttons are no longer important, though they have to make sense from the usual navigational perspective.

8. systeminfo:

the label controls with id's 2, 3, 16, 8, 10, 12, 13, 17 need to be changed to use the <info> tags.

9. fullscreen video:

3 new controls have been added. they're a progress control and 2 label controls.

10. home page:

date and label controls should use <info> tags.

there won't be anything more (i promise!Wink, and thus i'm announcing that the 1.3 version jump will occur this coming sunday the 17th of april at around 6pm gmt (just for a set time :p).

let me know if you need any assistance between now and then (or afterwards!Wink


- jmarshall - 2005-04-12

sorry - i said i wouldn't add anything, but i lied :p

it's only a small fix really - the label controls weren't correctly truncating to fit in with <width>, so i've fixed this.

what this may cause is a few controls may render with a "..." appended to a truncated string.

if this is the case, you may need to boost the <width> tags a little.

also, one thing i haven't mentioned that needs mentioning: make sure the <onleft> and <onright> tags in listcontrols and thumbpanels for the main views are all set to 2 (the view as button). otherwise, you could get stuck in the listcontrol in particular without being able to navigate off it.


- jmarshall - 2005-04-13

yet another thing (once again cleanup - will not break skins at all, and most of you don't use it anyway...)

id's 10 through 14 in home.xml are being removed from having "special" status. reason is that these can all be done by the built-in functions (<execute>xbmc.credits</execute> for instance) and hence are not needed. id 14 was for the old kai button which has been replaced by id 99 (conditional button).

just remembered these ones as i was going through pm3 and getting it up to scratch Smile


- housemarke - 2005-04-13

(jmarshall @ april 12 2005,21:53 Wrote:if this is the case, you may need to boost the <width> tags a little.

with cvs from today theres nevertheless the " ... " after the ~13. place although i'd boost up the <width> very generously.

but otherwise thnx for the info's

- jmarshall - 2005-04-13

exactly. if <width> is used, it'll now be obeyed.

pm3's labels have been fully updated in cvs now i believe.

- jmarshall - 2005-04-14

i've just committed a flag to cvs that will allow you to test your v1.3 compatible skins before it goes live on sunday evening.

just grab the latest cvs, load up xbmc/util.h and uncomment the line:

#define skin_version_1_3 1

that'll then switch xbmc to turn off all the pre1.3 compatibility code, so you'll basically be running with all the version 1.3 stuff in.

now you have a few days before sunday to get your skin's tested.

let me know if you find any issues or have some questions and they'll be my top priority.

pm3 has been tested, and seems fine from the quick play i had.

don't forget to set the <version> tag to 1.3 in skin.xml.


- housemarke - 2005-04-14

nice Smile
i'd update chrome now and hope it will run on 1.3

there's one thing i'm missing: in fullscreen visualisation we can fade off all infolabels and images but the infofadelabel still hang on.
bug or intention? Smile

- jmarshall - 2005-04-14

thanks - :fixed: please test and make sure all is well.


- jmarshall - 2005-04-17

version 1.3 is now in cvs.

time to update all those skins if you haven't already done so!