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[Web Interface Addon] AWXi - Ajax Based Web Interface - frolick - 2011-10-22

This addon is an update to the previous AWX web interface authored by Mkay, which can be found here.

Mizaki, Pecl24, I, and others have all missed this interface since we moved from Dharma and decided to pick it up and whip it into shape for the Eden release.

It is a full replacement for the default web interface built into XBMC and is built around the code changes in the nightlies. That means that as of right now you need to be on at least the Oct 15th nightly in order for this interface to work correctly.

How to Install
We're working on getting into the official addon repository right now but for now you're going to have to download the current version and install via zip. Here is how to do that:

1. Copy the zip-file to a location where xbmc can reach it.
2. Go to "System --> Add-ons --> Install from zip file", select the zip-file and install it.
3. Go to "System --> Network --> Services --> Web interface" and select the new Web interface "AWX".
4. You may need to clear your browser-cache before you open the new installed/updated webinterface in your browser.
5. Open the page "http://<xbmc-ip>:<port>/" in your browser.

see next post

Downloads - Mizaki - 2011-10-23

Available in the official repo. GIT for those that want it.

Visit the wiki for screen shots and information.

- newphreak - 2011-10-23

Nice, will test this soon, is the url updated to your last commit mizaki?

- Mizaki - 2011-10-24

Feel free to request additional features.

- newphreak - 2011-10-24

Aha i see. Testing v0.4 now, and it seems to need more space then i have on either my galaxy tab 10.1 which is what i will use for this. And even my laptop.

Screenshot from the galaxy tab:
Screenshot on the laptop:
Picture resolutions speaks for themselves. So, what devices are these aimed for?
Would be nice if we could make it so it fits on a 10" Smile

- Mizaki - 2011-10-24

Try the "light" UI. I found that works better on my laptop (1024*768).

- frolick - 2011-10-24

I didn't even think about tablets or netbooks when I threw in the navigation buttons. I'm testing on a 28 inch monitor so space isn't at a premium so much. I can look into adding an option to condensing the volume slider and play/stop/next/prev/shuffle buttons so it will fit better on a 10 inch screen.

I'll update my first post tonight with a link to what we have so far.

- Mizaki - 2011-10-24

I went to try it on my cheapy Android phone and it doesn't load at all. Which is fine because there is the official app and apps for other mobile platforms.

I think really, the smallest resolution to aim for should be 1024*768 (maybe 1024*600). Anything smaller is going to be a (hand held) mobile device.

What do you think newphreak. Would you normally use a web interface over a native app? Does it not work on the Galaxy?

<ramble mode off> Smile

- newphreak - 2011-10-24

Makes sense, the galaxy tab is 1280x800.
The official app is mostly created for cellphones which is why a nice web ui would be nicer.

A few thoughts.
-The light version should be themed the same way? White is really bright and not good for dimmed rooms, ofc, this could be optional.

-The menu overlaps, is it really needed? Seeing as there are icons in place.

I'd be happy to help, but sadly my coding/xml understanding is really bad, and i dont have time to learn it yet. So for now i'll just test and throw ideas at you. Smile

- Mizaki - 2011-10-25

I hear you on the brightness thing. But I do prefer the layout of the Light UI. Maybe I'll see if I can make a dark version of it.

I think frolick (now nominated if not Wink) is going to change the controls to pop out from a button(s) on the side of the default UI. And the light UI is missing the movement controls completely. Maybe I'll have a play with the light UI menus and try adding them.

I like the menus. It means less clicks. I miss it in the default one when I use it.

My coding and understanding is bad also Wink All constructive input is helpful. If you have a github account feel free to add some things you'd like to see on the issues page.

I want to get the Recently Added pages going first but maybe that should wait until the smaller stuff is done?

- newphreak - 2011-10-25

Ah yeah, nice. I'll follow this thread for now. If i have any good ideas or such i can post them on git. Smile

- illiac4 - 2011-10-25

The only thing that does not show is when you select files, it only shows local share. The shares over SMB are not shown.

- frolick - 2011-10-25

illiac4 Wrote:Nice.
The only thing that does not show is when you select files, it only shows local share. The shares over SMB are not shown.

Taking a quick look, all the shares that I've set up on my ATV2 show up when I click on files. The files view is really just looking at what sources you have defined. It's not designed to browse anything beyond that if that's what you're trying to do.

- Ronny! - 2011-10-25

First of all, thanks for this great job!

I've encountered a problem, when I select files from either the Video or Music submenu I get the error: Failed to get Directory!

My directories are stored as following in my db: smb://USERTongue[email protected]/video/

Is this the problem?

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance

(Using version 0.4.1)

- Mizaki - 2011-10-25

Is yours the same as Ronny!? As in, I mount my shares to a letter/directory. Are yours not mounted this way?

This may be the problem. I'll try and replicate it. Probably not until the weekend though, if someone else wants to get in first.

Out of interest, what would you use the files browsing for? I have everything in my library so I never need to use it. Smile