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- Mizaki - 2011-11-01

dreamkp Wrote:Hi frolick,

is it possible to include a setting to limit max entries(movies) per page and add a navigation through the pages? e.g. "Page 1 of 150"

I've got over 1500 movies and firefox is consuming over 2.8GB of memory if it tries to hold the whole movie list with covers in ram. It's getting slow as well.

I have one machine with 8GB of ram which can handle it, on the others, browsers are crashing most of the time.

Kind regards,

That is the problem with displaying the thumbnails. They are the full size ones. I've read of a possible way to request scaled ones but obviously that will not be in Eden now. Maybe a list option would be a way to go and when you click on an item it brings up the info. What do you think?

I've added Recent Movies and Albums. I'm not sure on how to layout those two. I'm thinking maybe movies should be the same as episodes.

- nupi - 2011-11-05

An option not to show the thumbnails (i.e. list view) would definitely be helpful for large collections....

- Mizaki - 2011-11-05

I'll look at that next.

Unfortunately as I'm not a coder making changes takes me ages.

I'm currently trying to add:
Scan library function
Refresh page - atm once a page is loaded it never refreshes so new items aren't shown.

Hopefully I'll get them done this weekend (even more hopefully, today). Then I'll go onto the list view. Thinking about it, I'm hoping it should be quite simple. If not elegant Wink

- Done those two and added find to artists. Next is the list view then, pop up input controls I think.

- Mizaki - 2011-11-07

I may be talking to myself here but never mind Wink

Added a list view option in settings.

I don't have a tablet but I think it's quite tablet friendly?

- frolick - 2011-11-08

Sorry that I've been AFK for a couple of weeks. I updated the first post so it should have the latest version of the web interface.

I'm going to rewrite the controls (L/R/U/D/Menu/Select/Power) tonight to change them from using the httpapi to using jsonrpc so we can get it in the repository.

- nupi - 2011-11-08

Cool, while the movie list view uses significantly less memory, it still takes very long to load - much longer than artists which I have at least 3 times more in my last than movies. Why could that be happening and how to speed it up?

- Mizaki - 2011-11-08

I may have done something silly code wise. I'll try profiling when I get home and see if I can make out anything useful from it.

How is the TV show list?

- nupi - 2011-11-08

I am afraid I dont use that one

- Mizaki - 2011-11-08

I think it's the JSONRPC call itself. Looking at mine. To retrieve my films (~500) takes about 750ms. There is a lot more information retrieved for films as opposed to artists.

Scaling that up, I think you said you had ~3500 films, so we're looking at a good 5 seconds just to get the items from XBMC.

Does that sound close or is it much worse than that?

We could split this up. It would mean the initial list should be faster to load but we'd have to do a call for each film for the extra information on hover/information click.

- nupi - 2011-11-09

In my case it is something like 700 films and takes almost 10seconds but XBMC runs on AMD C60 (think dual core Atom performance) so it may partially be CPU bound.

In any case, it should be good enough to simply ask for the titles, initially? Dumping 700 rows of SQLite data to JSON in any case should be fairly cheap operation, so maybe there is something wrong with the API behind it? Another option would be to load the list in tranches and fetch more when the user scrolls down (like how Facebook implements the news feed these days) - if the API supports that

- Mizaki - 2011-11-09

I've changed it so the extra info is only called when you bring up the info page. It took about 400-500ms off the movie list call for me.

Let me know how it is for you.

- Scaramush - 2011-11-10

Hi! I have translated new phrases in lang.ru.js - http://ifolder.ru/26858811 but I can't make some phrases so short as in english, so it looks not so good:
[Image: thumb_daae805f.png]
Is it posible to make this menu (and video menu) expanding?
And another one trouble in film info:
[Image: thumb_e3cd3170.png] [Image: thumb_95cbe2c8.png]

- aptalca - 2011-11-10

Quick question about ajax and xbmc web servers. Is it possible to run an .exe "on the server/xbmc box" through this ajax webserver? Or is a server side language required like php, asp, etc.?

The reason I am asking is about the possibility of running ffmpeg.exe for transcoding and possibly streaming through jw player.


- frolick - 2011-11-10

aptalca Wrote:Quick question about ajax and xbmc web servers. Is it possible to run an .exe "on the server/xbmc box" through this ajax webserver? Or is a server side language required like php, asp, etc.?

The reason I am asking is about the possibility of running ffmpeg.exe for transcoding and possibly streaming through jw player.


I think you have to have a server side language. All of our communication with XBMC is done through the JSON-RPC interface and that doesn't let you run any .exes.

It may be possible through the http-api but I believe that the XBMC team is trying to move away from that.

- Mizaki - 2011-11-10

The web server that XBMC uses is basic. See the bottom of http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Web_interface

Thanks for the additions. I was going to wait until we were sure(ish) we weren't going to add any more before asking for translations. I'll need to add some more for the repeat function Smile

I've had a quick look and making the menus bigger isn't a 5 minute job as far as I can see. The menu size is set and there is a graphic for the bottom. If you want to see what size would be better, edit the layout.css file in the skin you are using and find:
#navigation ul.mkfMenu ul {
    background: url("../images/menu_sub_bottom.png") no-repeat scroll left bottom transparent;
    left: 0;
    list-style-type: none;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0 0 5px;
    position: absolute;
    top: 32px;
    width: 150px;

Change the width and let me know what size would be best. I'll try and make it grow to size but I have a feeling it might take some time, unless someone with more knowledge can get it done quickly?

The information screen I did make slightly bigger but less that 600 pixels for tablets. I also made the thumbnail bigger as well as I thought it looked a bit small as it was Smile I'll have a play around and see what I can do.