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- cienislaw - 2011-12-24

can you add polish translation to git?

also one bug found. i have to have longer translation for "recent albums" (ostatnio dodane albumy) and menu is not getting wider, so last word gets down on files (pliki). the same with recent tv (ostatnio dodane seriale) on video menu. its possible to make it dynamically wider depending on longest menu entry? thanx for looking.

one more - Repeat One tooltip is translated but it still in english.

- Mizaki - 2011-12-24

Polish added, translations always welcome Smile

The menu thing is actually a PITA. I tried to change it for the Russian translation. The best advise I can give is try not to be too literal. So instead of "recent TV", which I cut down from "Recently Added TV Episodes", try "New TV" to make it smaller to fit.

The buttons were completely missing the title attribute until pressed. I've fixed that and shuffle and repeat does a language lookup now. The other buttons don't have them at all. I'm wondering if they are really need?

Sorry translators, I've added:

Hopefully there won't be a need to add any more soon Smile

The clear cache/refresh CSS worked?

Initialize xbmc-lib? - hogfan - 2011-12-24

I installed the .zip and switch to AWX, but when the page first loads in my browser window it just stays spinning on Initialize xbmc-lib... . Any ideas how to fix this? I'm runnining XBMC on an Apple TV 2, and my browser is Chrome. However, I also tried Firefox with the same results. I refuse to use IE or Opera! Smile. Any suggestions appreciated.


- Mizaki - 2011-12-24

I see you've posted in both threads. Which version of XBMC are you using, Dharma (10) or (pre)-Eden (11)? This version AWX-Eden is for (you guessed it), Eden Smile It will not work with 10.

- cienislaw - 2011-12-24

i was trying to make it consistent with polish xbmc translation, but no problem i changed it to fit place. here is it.

yes, after hard css refresh or update to 9.0.1 its working ok on all views. thanx and keep up great work.

i will be nice to have possibility to use audio plugins via www, i hope devs will add needed stuff to do this.

Eden - hogfan - 2011-12-24

Running Pre-Eden build from Dec. 10. I inadvertently posted in the Dharma thread and then realized my mistake. Sorry for the confusion.


- Mizaki - 2011-12-24

hogfan Wrote:Running Pre-Eden build from Dec. 10. I inadvertently posted in the Dharma thread and then realized my mistake. Sorry for the confusion.

Update to beta and see how it goes.

- m0v1em4n - 2011-12-25

Hi Guys

got this running on a December windows nightly using my Ipad 2 browser but everything seems to run sluggish, i.e the thumbnail scrolling is virtually none existent, Am I doing something wrong?

- Mizaki - 2011-12-25

If you are using the poster/banner view then you could be using a lot of memory. Switch to the list view. You could also use lazy load and hide watched. All of these are in the settings menu. Also, I'd recommend light or lightDark UI for tablets. Smile

- Mizaki - 2011-12-26

Someone Shocked said the movie info was a bit sparse!

I did this instead of playing Skyrim. I don't think I'm very well...

It's only available on the movie page and not recent movies. I need to try and change some of the tagging to use CSS. What do you think in general, anything missing?

- karandras24 - 2011-12-26

Shocked WOW, Just WOW Mizaki, that looks stunning!

- newphreak - 2011-12-26

Oh crap, haha. This looks so awesome now. Smile Will pull latest git and check how it looks on the tablet. Great work Mizaki, and i think you are incorrect. This is much better then playing a game. Now others get to enjoy what you've spent your time on. ha!

- Livin - 2011-12-26

karandras24 Wrote:Shocked WOW, Just WOW Mizaki, that looks stunning!


- Mizaki - 2011-12-26

Thanks. Glad you all like it. Smile

I'm probably going to change the icons to the ones from Aeon Nox but I need to finish off the playlists functions first. Not enough spare time...

- cienislaw - 2011-12-28

if you add new strings it will be nice to add them also into other languages - if not, missing strings are not showing as english ones, but as keys form table for example 'label_votes'.

i've updated polish translation, grab it here.