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- bluedevil229 - 2011-12-30

mrkipling Wrote:I wanted a simple web interface to act as a nice overview/front page for my XBMC HTPC. Nothing that was already available really suited my needs so I created something myself.

You can find setup instructions and more information on the project homepage (now with a new, easier installation method):

It currently has the following features:

* Customisable 'applications' widget providing quick access to web interfaces (e.g. SABnzb+, SickBeard, or whatever you want to link to)

* 'Recently added episodes' widget with thumbnails - also, you can just click the episode and it will play in XBMC

* SABnzbd+ widget which appears when something is downloading and hides again when finished. Currently just gives you basic info (currently downloading, speed, time/MB remaining).

* Media library browser - browse your movies and TV shows, and click to play in XBMC

* 'Currently playing' bar which appears when something is playing and hides again when it is finished, a lot like AWX's

* trakt.tv widget which shows you what people are saying about the episode or movie that you're watching, and allows you to post your own comments for others to see (requires a free trakt.tv account)

* Full-screen background image changes to the fanart of what you're currently watching (optional, can be turned off)

* Customisable from within the application itself - add new modules, rearrange them and modify their settings without touching any settings files!

Here's a screenshot (click for larger image):


Here's another with automatically-switching fanart backgrounds enabled:


Please note that it requires an unstable/nightly/Eden-pre release of XBMC due to the hefty API changes that will be introduced.

This is a work-in-progress - things are still being changed, and new features and modules are being added quite frequently.

IMPORTANT: I've pushed some pretty big changes which allow settings to be configured from within the app itself. Users from before 07/11/2011 will need to follow the instructions that I posted here to upgrade.

So...is this supposed to be the main interface? As maybe a replacement for your windows wallpaper? That would be pretty sweet if it is. I just remove all icons and use a black wallpaper, like the "device" is powered off.

Looks good...whatever it is!

- whoffie24 - 2011-12-30

I'm having trouble installing Maraschino in Windows Vista x64. I've been getting the following error.

Quote:You need to specify DATABASE in settings.py, and ensure that Flask-SQLAlchemy is installed.

I'm running cmd as Admin.
I've tried easy_install on Flask-SQLAlchemy again.
My settings.py filename is spelled correctly.

See the contents below:

Quote:DATABASE = '/HTPC-Apps/maraschino/maraschino.db'


AUTH = {
'username': '####',
'password': '####'

PORT = 32000

Any ideas?


- _Mikie_ - 2011-12-30

gugahoi Wrote:I'll have a look at that pull request later on and try to make it install db to root dir if no settings.py is found. If you guys have time to do this before and make a pull request (it would actually be a good addition to Pull Request #23.

I have also added the ability to add a new show to sb from maraschino! You can now use sb's thetvdb search function and select which show you'd like to add, all from the sb module. At the moments it uses sb's default settings but I may add options to customise further. Please test and give me feedback! Will go to bed now.

I'd like to see it create the database in root no matter what. I don't see a reason why you'd want to create it anywhere else. All the other apps around here just create the database in root by default.

- N3MIS15 - 2011-12-31

Mikie, Having the option to put database where you want should be kept imo, with mar2zz patches you would be able to run multiple databases from the 1 maraschino install. I do agree that default should be app root as 99% of ppl will just use the 1 database.

- Marcoevich - 2011-12-31

Does anyone else have problems with custom backgrounds not showing when not playing media? When I set "Use a random background when not watching media" to "Yes" I don't get any background image at all. See https://github.com/mrkipling/maraschino/issues/10 for all the details about this issue.

Gugahoi is doing everything he can to help me with this issue, but since he doesn't have a Windows 7 X64 machine, he cannot reproduce this bug.

So is there anyone who can test this out for us? What can be the cause of this issue?

Thx in advance!


- N3MIS15 - 2011-12-31

I was able to replicate your problem Marcoevich. So its not only you, i am just getting a grey background.

- gugahoi - 2011-12-31

N3MIS15 Wrote:I was able to replicate your problem Marcoevich. So its not only you, i am just getting a grey background.

Could you tell me exactly what you were doing and your settings?

- N3MIS15 - 2011-12-31

fresh install of experimental.
added folder 'custom' to static/images/backgrounds
added a custom.jpg file to custom folder

i just followed the instructions from the faq on maraschino website..
running maraschino-cherrypy
only setting i changed was the custom background 1

i installed this copy of maraschino for this test only

tried clearing cache, did nothing
tested running as administrator
tried on my linux install and i only see the grass background still.

- Marcoevich - 2011-12-31

That's exactly what I did. Thx for verifying this Tongue

Luckily, gugahoi has found the culprit and published a fix for us. See: https://github.com/mrkipling/maraschino/issues/10

The only thing is, backgrounds are still not working from the 'custom' folder that has to be created according to the FAQ. Could you test this for us please?

Thank you!

- M3Evolution - 2011-12-31

I'm still having some issues with this unfortunately, I hope someone can help.

Maraschino is successfully running as I can access it at port 7000. My media library shows up, but clicking on a file in it does nothing. Recently added shows also appears and shows the latest shows I have added, with the correct thumbnails, however, the description is blank with no name and clicking the file does nothing. Strangely though, the suspend button works but the other function buttons don't. Maraschino also doesn't display any 'Now playing'. It's strange that it appears to be semi working! Any ideas? I've got to say, the whole thing does look great, especially with the matching cherry background which popped up a few minutes ago.

I can provide a screenshot and any further info as neccessary. I am running it on my XBMCLive box with Ubuntu 10.04.2.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Is there any further guidance on setting up the applications tabs (i.e. with the URL and position fields etc)?

- mrkipling - 2011-12-31

I just merged in a few things:

* gugahoi's changes to the Sickbeard module (you can now restart/shutdown SB from the module, as well as search for and add shows to your queue).

* Mar2zz's changes to the startup script, which automatically creates a database if one doesn't exists. This means that setup.py isn't required any more.

I'm going to work on merging in a few more pull requests this afternoon and over the next couple of days. What can I say, I'm not big on NYE Smile

In other news, I spent all of yesterday setting up an ATV2 with XBMC in the bedroom. It works pretty well. I now have a vested interest in Maraschino supporting multiple XBMC servers :p

- castortray - 2011-12-31

A lot of good news Wink

Thanks for your work

- isamu.dragon - 2012-01-01

Using the Experimental Branch.

Thank You for Enabling Windows Paths for the Disk Space Widget.

- Marcoevich - 2012-01-01

Ah so even the diskspace widget works now Wink Great job guys!

I will try the experimental branch in a few days, since you are merging some more pull requests. I'll wait for this Wink

@ Gugahoi, could you edit this line in maraschino.py?

backgrounds.extend(get_file_list('static/images/backgrounds/', ['.jpg', '.png']))

Make it look like

backgrounds.extend(get_file_list('static/images/backgrounds/custom/', ['.jpg', '.png']))

The custom backgrounds are not working from within the custom folder Wink


- mrkipling - 2012-01-01

Spent some time getting through the backlog of pull requests. Pushed to master today:

* changes to the diskspace widget - should now be working in Windows (thanks go to gugahoi)

* the ability to change the status of episodes in Sickbeard from within the module, plus some other small tweaks (thanks go to gugahoi)

* nicer settings in the SABnzbd module, although this requires re-entering your settings in the module (thanks go to Mar2zz)