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- mrz - 2005-04-12

i have published a new tv guide for xbmc here my webpage dagenstv and is interested in your feedback


- pontius - 2005-04-12

chrashes instantly. xbmc 2005.05.11 pm3

- mrz - 2005-04-12

im on 2005-04-09 and it works like a dream. did you really copy the whole folder so you got scripts\dagenstv and scripts\dagenstv\resources

- Nuka1195 - 2005-04-12

pontius is from the future, so a month from now, you'll need to fix it. :d

- Phunck - 2005-04-14

i had to do like this to get it to work:

Quote:scriptpath = os.getcwd()
if scriptpath[-1]==';': scriptpath=scriptpath[0:-1]
if scriptpath[-1]!='\\': scriptpath=scriptpath+'\\'

iconfolder = scriptpath+'\\resources\\'

really nice script by the way. i think, however, that you should make the buttons in english by default.

- odb8888 - 2005-04-14

the script worked great, just one thing, ive got the standard pm3 background.png showing instead of the one in the resources folder showing, makes it look a little messy.

using xbmc 2005-04-11, pm3 skin...


also found that if you reboot your xbox and try to run the script it just locks up, had to remove the yyyy-mm-dd folder created to get it to work again.

- mrz - 2005-04-15

thanks for the feedback. i'm adding changing these to the next release.

- mrz - 2005-04-16

new version uploaded at xbmc scripts. if you liked the previous you will love this version Nod

- kylep - 2005-04-17

ok i have this script on my xbox but does it give u the channels it says cuz i cant get it 2 work and its in a diff. language. sum1 plz help me and do u need the xbox dvd remote? does it let u watch those channels that it says or is it just a guide?? thx lol

- mrz - 2005-04-17

hi kylep!

its only a tv-guide.
what xbmc are you using? i always use [ileet] or [y] builds. these are always the best
did you copy all the files? you must have scripts\dagenstv as home directory (in your xbmc folder)
there was a bug in dealing with old program folders (should not have impact until your day 2). try downloading the updated v1.10


- kylep - 2005-04-17

hey! i go it working but i was wondering if u can actually watch the tv stations it says. or is it just a guide? and i have the xbmc as of april 1.

- Kjetil N - 2005-04-18

wont work for me...
how old can the xbmc build be?

have copied the whole dir to \xbmc\scripts\
and launches the script like this q:\scripts\dagenstv\dagenstv.py

what am i miising?

- mrz - 2005-04-18

hi kjetil!

based on your name i guess you will benefit from the norwegian support i added, once you get the script running.
from what i know any serious xbmc build from 2005 should do.
what you could do is to change your xboxmediacenter.xml file located in the xbmc root. change the log level to 0/debug. there is also a debug variable in the dagenstv.py file. set that to true. while at it you might as well change the country variable to 'no'.
then try starting the script. reboot the xbox and read the xbmc.old.log. that should give some indication on what goes wrong.

- sonic - 2005-04-20

wow Smile .. this script rocks!!  :kickass:  ... thnx mrz

- vnm - 2005-04-20

i have translated the script to norwegian. it's based on v.1.11.

it can be downloaded here.

is it gonna be included mrz? if not, i'll submit it to xbmcscripts.com as a seperate version.