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cant install xbmc live - Paulkai - 2011-11-10

Hi Guys

I have an older computer which i installed openelec on, but I just cant get the sound to work. I was going to try Live. I have made the disc, and have set the computer to boot from the dvd, but it just keeps starting up with openelec, what am I doing wrong Oo


- vikjon0 - 2011-11-10

it is not booting from the DVD or the DVD is currup. Try another disc you know is working.

- Paulkai - 2011-11-10

have tried different dvd and cd. also just tried with the usb stick. still no joy, openelec just keeps on starting even when i change the boot up to usb. Any other thughts??


- darkscout - 2011-11-10

Pull the hard drive. Then see if you can do it.

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