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ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - eskro - 2011-11-15


Hi guys, maybe some of you would like to know this,,,
after some researched, looks like the ANTEC ISK300-65 case
should actually be named the ANTEC ISK300-135W.

see the MD-135?

yes, the included silent PSU is actually a 135W PSU.

after some testing here and there by forum members,
we can confirm you that this MD-135 PSU is really weak....

i DO NOT recommend using it at all....

Be advised to buy/use a PicoPSU instead!!

- Beer40oz - 2011-11-15

Good one Eskro.... that is sweet. I seen that case in person and it's pretty small and the quality is top notch. This would be great with a new A8 or A6 APU....

So why did they not just do 135W? and give you the brick?

Why not just buy the ISK 300-150? it has 150W and comes with the brick.

- eskro - 2011-11-15

ISK 300-150 doesn't have a FanLess 0dBA PSU

- Beer40oz - 2011-11-15

eskro Wrote:ISK 300-150 doesn't have a FanLess 0dBA PSU

Oh I see.... from this video is more of a regular PSU with the regular power cord.


But how loud can it be? I really like the 300-150....

- eskro - 2011-11-15

it'll be annoying....
smaller fan in PSU is always noisy,,,
just like in my current ANTEC HTPC case,,
god PSU is making me nuts sometimes....

theres no reasons to not use the ISK300-135W case...
it'll only cost you $20 more here,,,
$20 for total silentness is a good deal to me!!

- Beer40oz - 2011-11-15

Ok eskro.... I'll look more into it on the 65 Version .....

Wow it's slick.... I could place it the same way next to the TV.... I need a dedicated HTPC....


- eskro - 2011-11-15

truly a beauty!

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - Beer40oz - 2012-04-03

So has anyone build this? Huh

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - Chuck King - 2012-04-03

Serious... I saw one in person and I really liked it

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - Beer40oz - 2012-04-03

I guess no one has.... wonder why people don't like this case? I'll start a new thread on the build. I'm going to order it. I am going to be moving to Denmark and I would like to take this with me.

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - eskro - 2012-04-04

perfect case for easy transportation

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - Beer40oz - 2012-04-04

Do I need this power supply to be 135 watts with the additional brick? Or will the 65W brick that it comes with be plenty?

I am planning to use the AMD A6-3500 Llano 2.1GHz (2.4GHz Max Turbo) Socket FM1 65W Triple-Core

Here is my wishlist for this project...


Now I know the stock cpu cooler is going to be loud..... what cooler fits this correctly.

I got the Scythe SCSK-1100 100mm on my other rig and it's silent.

Oh and the ASRock A75M-ITX FM1 mother board do you know if the stock fan can be turned down in the bios?

RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - eskro - 2012-04-04

on a review made by the guys at silentpcreview.com,
they said that:

Quote:"The space between the top of the CPU
and the bottom of the drive tray frame
is approximately 6.5cm."

source: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article959-page4.html

So were talking about 65mm here max for a APU Cooler....
in this case, happy shopping

[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCKZT-1000 TDP:65W Fan:80mm Height:40mm ($40 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Thermaltake MeORB TDP:65W Fan:92mm Height:47mm ($36 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-1000 TDP:73W Fan:120mm Height:58mm ($38 + $10)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-2100 TDP:130W Fan:120mm Height:58mm ($50 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-1100 TDP:75W Fan:100mm Height:64mm ($29 + $3)


RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - eskro - 2012-04-04

and here's proof that even the Scythe SCBSK-1000
will fit just fine in the ANTEC ISK300 --> http://imgur.com/a/EuaVd#0

so, i probably wouldnt go for a Scythe SCBSK-1100....
64mm high seems too much,,,

also note that the guy removed the fan cage on the side.
but that depends on your mobo's cpu socket orientation...

but who cares!!
once u got a Big Shuriken in there,
you wont need anything else!!

heck, remove the side fan cage anyways!!
dont need it!!

get a new silent 120mm fan and stick it under the Optical Drive tray using tie wraps or something
and make it shoot air directly on the PSU!


well, maybe a 120mm fan wont fit or knock on the ram sticks but still,
you get the idea!!

ventilation done!!



RE: ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec - Castrol - 2012-04-04

Looking at the this small case an idea springs to mind, you could get or fashion a VESA bracket for it - then you could do something similar to the Antec ISK 110


Anyone tried it?