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RE: [WIP] Glass - shaktoo - 2012-08-01

Dear fmronan / mikebzh ; I know I am double posting but wasn't sure the other thread is active anymore hence posting here where you guys will have a better chance to review this , if not I will withdraw / delete the post with apologies .

Hello ! I have been trying my best to get this RSS working but am really stuck ,
I have installed 1- rss client background 1.0.6 via passion 2=rss client standalone 1.0.5 via passion, rss engine . Have used rss editor and have a working feed. here are the problems :
1- Rss Client opens up and displays feeds but cannot exit out of it , have to shut down xbmc.
2- how to get the RSS widgets ? unable to customise . I have tried in Aeon Nox GIT, Glass SVN, GlassNox ,unable to
3- pieh / fmronan Anyone who has got this working a step by step would be really appreciated PLEASE !
(2011-04-04, 23:04)fmronan Wrote: thanks very much I can stream radio now


script rssclient is in the last rev 144 of influence

fmronan could you please do us non tech guys a favour and do a step by step tutorial in how to get this working in glass / any skin , would really appreciate the effort.
thanks Tongue

RE: [WIP] Glass - shaktoo - 2012-08-04

any response ?

RE: [WIP] Glass - mikebzh44 - 2012-08-04

I don't use RSS Sad

I hope than Fmronan can do a little tuto.

RE: [WIP] Glass - shaktoo - 2012-08-05

thanks mike .. wait for fmronanSmile

RE: [WIP] Glass - fmronan - 2012-08-05


RE: [WIP] Glass - shaktoo - 2012-08-06

thanks fmr , using the thread from passion..I have got some of it working, just need to get some custom feeds and check , thanks

RE: [WIP] Glass - fmronan - 2012-08-06


RE: [WIP] Glass - shaktoo - 2012-08-10

thanks man will definitely try that,

RE: [WIP] Glass - nasa01 - 2012-08-22


Really loving the Skin -- it's totally cool. I am having two *minor* issues I was hoping to get some help with. When I start xbmc I get a totally black screen (I did turn off the preview movie) which goes away once I press an arrow key, or esc, or enter... How do I get rid of the black screen to get to the good stuff when XBMC starts? The other question is how do I use get a smart playlist to be used for auto playback. When I select the option I run into two problems - 1. any playlist I select doesn't get selected and two (as I am using linux) I can't navigate to the directory that smart playlist are stored. Is there a way to change the *default* directory to match up with that directory?

Thanks in advance,

RE: [WIP] Glass - DetrieZ - 2012-09-08

I just installed Glass and I like it so far.

While "playing" with the skin menu options, I turned on the Tactical setting so now all I see is the digital clock and the current temp in the top left corner and the date in the top right.

I can hear clicking as I arrow around but I cant see the menu.

Can someone tell me how turn off the tactical setting?


RE: [WIP] Glass - DetrieZ - 2012-09-09

Found it in guisettings.xml
It was tactile.. Edited the xml from true to false and it's back

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