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- fmronan - 2012-02-16

You have to Init the skin after the rev112

- hackyli - 2012-02-16

I did init and also installed new. But still the same. Seems like something in the background is running, and system is stoping for 10 seconds.
Maybe the ASRock ION 330 is to slow for this skin. Sad ...

- Martijn - 2012-02-26

I added seasonx-poster.jpg to Artwork Downloader. You can download the test version here

- mikebzh44 - 2012-03-02

Release 122 is out and it rocks Baby !!

I think Glass is the most customisable skin I have ever seen (but I'm not an old user of XBMC, since November 2011 only Laugh).

Now in Glass, you can have specific widgets for displaying Recently added or Randoms items from your playlists in custom menus.

For me, I have make 2 sub-menus in Movies : one for Parents and one for Kids.
And each one have a widget to display recently added movies :


Same thing with tvshows (one sub menus for Subtitles tv-shows and one for French) :


And a custom menu for Animated :


- fmronan - 2012-03-03

Glass work now with the last googleweather 2.0.0



- cavej03 - 2012-03-08

Doesn't work from passion repo in openelec, dependency missing. Any Idea what the dependency would be

- mikebzh44 - 2012-03-08

Same problem as you.

Dependency on mypicsdb.

Fmronan Will have a look soon.

- mikebzh44 - 2012-03-08

Maybe the problem is specific to OpenELEC as :
* my HTPC is running OpenELEC 2.0 and the problem occur
* my Test PC is running XBMC 11.0 RC2 on Windows 7 and Glass is up to date

I will have a closer look this evening (French time).

- mikebzh44 - 2012-03-09

New feature in rev 129 : Video splash screen

Script provided by FrostBox : http://passion-xbmc.org/addons/?Page=View&ID=script.xbmc.intro.movie

Configure program add-on


Then choose your video splash screen :


Enable it into Glass skin parameters :


And enjoy :


- mikebzh44 - 2012-03-09

Since rev 112, Glass is also compatible with Metadata Actor script.

When you are browsing a movie casting, you just have to click on the actor's thumbnail :


To display actor's informations :


And filmography :


Movies present in your database are checked (quite some bugs to match all movies) :


And you can watch trailers :


RE: [WIP] Glass - fmronan - 2012-03-12

Adding Quick search in youtube.
artists, songs, albums and movies via metadata artist.

and when you listen a song Image

RE: [WIP] Glass - cavej03 - 2012-03-14

Awesome skin, Just thought i would post that it has about 3 second delay on my Atom + ION based system when going from subscreen to home screen.. If that makes sence. Awesome work tho

RE: [WIP] Glass - fmronan - 2012-03-14

If you dissable all widgets no time to wait, that's because I use a other script for recently and random widget. but you have more with it, extrafanart, extrathumb, logo , clearart in home.

RE: [WIP] Glass - mikebzh44 - 2012-03-14

@cavej03 : As fmronan said, when return to home screen coming from subscreen, skin have to refresh his widgets "Recently added" and "Random" and it's take time Sad
I have the same hardware as you and the same delays but this skin is so cooool that I'm ready to wait 3 or 4 seconds Big Grin

My systme running Glass :


RE: [WIP] Glass - mikebzh44 - 2012-03-21

2 new custom views availables :

Cases for videos :


Cases for audio :


Views from other skins can be installed by GUI :


For now, all custom views provided support MovieSet Addon.





You can make your own custom view from an other skin but some coding is needed.

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