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[Micro-ATX] A8-3850 (4x2.9Ghz) + HD6550D - eskro - 2011-11-18

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[CPU+iGPU] AMD A8-3850 4x2.9GHz HD6550D FM1 100W ($135 + $0)
[MOBO] ASRock A75M FM1 CIR USB3.0 SATAIII UEFI μATX ($75 + $0)
[PSU] SeaSonic SS-400ET 80+ Bronze 400W ATX12V ($43 + $9)
TOTAL: ($322)

** A8-3850 CPU supports up to DDR3-1866MHz memory sticks **

- toymachine2009 - 2011-11-18

Wow this so cheap I want one! Haha quick question.. How come you guys never include the price of cables or anything in your builds?

- eskro - 2011-11-18

because many have some at home so,
having a general idea of your actual HTPC price tag is more important...
getting cables is cheap nowadays..

- T800 - 2011-11-18

Between my i3 build and my E35M1 Deluxe (both in my sig) build how would this perform?

- eskro - 2011-11-18

well it'll literally destroy the Asus E35M1-I Deluxe build thats for sure!
i mean, the FUSION E-350 platform is fair, cheap, but cant compete against the A8-3850!!

now your I3-540 is pretty strong,
if you check its CPU passmark here http://goo.gl/SW5S3
2848 is fairly powerful!
but A8-3850's passmark is 5603! http://goo.gl/BGqfg
pretty much double strength/muscles to me!

- T800 - 2011-11-18

Is there any reason to get i3 build over the A8-3850?

- eskro - 2011-11-18

as of today, i'd say Flip to i3 CPU if your after serious hardcore heavy gaming with your HTPC..
because if your only gonna play emulators up to N64 or Dreamcast,
A8-3850 handles those without a hitch!
And it handles even more!
have you checked the A8-3850's gaming video review?
see it here --> A8-3850 Gaming Performance Comparison
good stuff Smile

- toymachine2009 - 2011-11-18

So this build can play 1080p and 3D no problem? Basically this APU is a quad core CPU and an HD6550 graphic card mixed into one? So this would be the same as buying a quad core CPU and an hd6550 gpu separately correct?

I'm looking to build one more htpc and I can spend around $450 but if anything more than this is overkill why spend more..

- eskro - 2011-11-18

its almost as powerful as having a quad core CPU + a separate HD6550 gpu....
its less pricey
less power hungry
less heat
and its perfect for HTPC use!!!

- toymachine2009 - 2011-11-18

eskro Wrote:its almost as powerful as having a quad core CPU + a separate HD6550 gpu....
its less pricey
less power hungry
less heat
and its perfect for HTPC use!!!

Got it thanks!

- i2ich13 - 2011-11-18

Wow, I've spent the last 48 hrs researching what parts I should have and basically came up with the same as you Big Grin. Except I'm hoping the CPU can be a A6-3500.

This HTPC will be for my Dad. Will this play Blurays and freeview (using a tv tuner card)fine? Im hoping to connect the whole thing through an HDMI cable.

For the SSD, im planning on getting an intel 320 40g (as its on special right now) and just 4 gigs of DDR3. Does it matter if its 1x4gb or 2x2gb? Also, should the ram be a certain speed for the mobo/cpu set up?

*Sorry, just saw there is a sep thread for the a6 3500

- eskro - 2011-11-18

the A6-3500 will handle all you need honestly!

i do suggest getting at least 2x2GB of RAM as the iGPU will benefit from Dual-Channel!

as of speeds, i'd go at least for DDR3 1600Mhz!

- DToX - 2011-11-18

eskro I want to do this setup but i'd like a motherboard with a built-in optical port for my surround sound which would your recommend in that case?

- eskro - 2011-11-18

well, you can always go for this miniITX motherboard then
since it'll work in your Silverstone Ml03B case

- kyleshay - 2011-11-18

what do you think of the a6-3600 compared to the a6-3650/a8-3850?
also the a8-3800 has a TDP of 65w


edit: lol just saw your other post. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=114888