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- Ren - 2005-04-18

ive just updated my xmbc and skins, and now under some skins i cant see anything in "my videos"


ive tried clearing the tdata/udata save files, removing the db files via the filemanger, and cleared the cache, even switching the views .. if i try with pmii i can still see the dir's that are in my xbmc xml file.



- jmarshall - 2005-04-18

it's either because you don't have an up to date skin (unlikely) or you have a too new a skin with an old xbe.

the last possibility is that your shares are screwed up.

it'll pay to post the log file to see which of these possibilities you are having.

also, posting the build date from system info would be helpful.

- BritneysPAIRS - 2005-04-18

also could have changed view type to by actor or genre or something, cant quite remember what they are cause ive deleted the switch view button. set the switch view button back to default setting (ummm actually this is probably reset by deleting tdata / udata but its still something that can cause this)

- jmarshall - 2005-04-18

not without it writing a fairly clear message about it, which doesn't appear in the screenshot...

moreover, the combination of what appears to be 2 spin controls overlapped indicates that it's an old build with a new skin.

- BritneysPAIRS - 2005-04-18

true, just another reason why people couldnt see movies, that i experinced. has a warning been added, i removed this about 6months or longer ago because of people saying they couldnt see movies.

Smile just checked Blush warnings been added