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2 newbie questions - Piers - 2011-11-22

Great skin, discovered it by accident and love it!

I do have two questions.

1) I'm using the Eden nightly and, although I have read the Weather threads, I can't seem to get the weather working with this skin - any ideas?

2) My remote is a Logitech HTPC keyboard (K400) and I press the 'I' button to see how long is left for what I am watching, but when pressing 'I' on Rapier it doesn't show a timeline, instead I have to use the pause button. I am sure I am being stupid here but is there an option to change that?


- scarfa - 2011-11-22

1. Are you using the version of Rapier off GitHub? That has the weather fixes. Make sure you download the weather addon and set the provider.

2. That is correct. You can see how much time by bringing up the player controls (m on keyboard).

- Piers - 2011-11-23

Thanks for the quick reply, using the Github version now although still can't seem to get the weather to show anywhere (I have installed and configured the weather plugin and set the option in the Settings area).

Btw, is there any way to get the plot to show when pressing 'I', or would it be possible to include an option for the Rapier V3 OSD?