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hulu broken and stuck in skin settings - bdee1 - 2011-11-29

I had backrow skin installed and the bluecop hulu plugin working nicely on the latest xbmc nightly build (from 11/28/2011 i believe). Last night i installed Rapier and it looks awesome but now hulu wont stream any shows. it lets my browse my subscriptions but it when I go to play a shot it doesn't do anything - it just kicks me back to the episode list.

I tried switching back to the backrow skin and hulu doesn't work in backrow now either.

I would LOVE to get this working again with Rapier.

also in the skin settings for rapier i went into the screen to add submenus and now its stuck there. there is no way to get back to the main skin settings screen. I even tried removing the power cord from the apple tv2 to reboot it and still when i go to the skin settings its stuck in the submenu screen.

If i can resolve these two issues i'd be in great shape! LOVE the skin.

any help would be appreciated.

- bdee1 - 2011-11-29

so it appears that the hulu problem had nothign to do with the skin - it was just a coincidence that the hulu add on stopped working right around then.

so the remaining problem is that when i go into skin settings to add a sub menu item, such as link to youtube plugin in videos, i can no longer get out of that setting option.