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Noobie Questions - NeVeREire - 2011-12-02


I'm thinking of asking my g/f to buy me an Apple TV for my birthday Smile

I'm thinking of Jailbreaking it and using XBMC,

I've seen that I can use a plugin called Icefilms to stream movies.

Is this free to us ?

Can i basiclly turn on my TV and Apple box and select a movie/tv show to watch and it will start playing ?


- mattprince - 2011-12-02


As far as i know , YES!

It works like that for me with my windows HTPC


- NeVeREire - 2011-12-02

Do i need an Apple TV to test this out ?

I never thought about testing it.

I've a PC and laptop. Can i set it up and run a test with out spending money ?

If i dont have to buy the Apple TV i wont.

- DecK - 2011-12-02

XBMC is multi-platform. Go ahead and grab the windows installer and test it out on either the PC or the laptop

- NeVeREire - 2011-12-02

cool.. I'll try it when i get home.

1 more question regarding Apple TV,, i take it the PC doesn't need to be on if I jailbreak Apple TV and install Xbmc on it.

I take it i can just run it with out the PC on.

- trogggy - 2011-12-02

Yes. No pc required.

- demolator - 2011-12-05

Hi I was looking around the net for a really good linux distro to replace windows on my desktop i found linux mint 11 , it was very fast, got to work all of my hardware but i can't install xbmc on it i can't configure my xonar dx. It's frsutrating cause i only wan't to watch my movies from my bed with my remote kayboard in my hand Sad i love xbmc i had it on windows but i hate the bluescreens and the viruses etc... can anyone give me a hint what for an os i should use with xbmc on it? ps. I have a tv as my second screen where i usually run xbmc but i also use my monitor for doing the pc stuff Smile

intel core duo e5200 , 4G ddr2 ram, nvidia 9800gt, asus xonar dx with optical cable to my yamaha home theater amplifier 5.1 system and LG 22" monitor and LG 42" LCD tv on hdmi cable attached...