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Htbackdrops fanart issues - clavin42 - 2011-12-06


First I want to thank the community here for helping me solve so many problems in the past. I have searched throughout the forums (this and others) and still cannot solve my problem I am having with the music artist scraper at htbackdrops.

About two weeks back I dusted off the xbox with xbmc on it, wiped it, and did a clean install of the latest nightly build found at the new source. Everything worked much BETTER than it had the first time I started using XBMC. Much to my surprise all of the artist fanart was downloading as it was supposed to.

Then I decided that I wanted to do ANOTHER clean install (due to a problem that ended up being a skin issue but I digress) and now my artist fanart won't scrape!

I am using the latest build, I have all the correct option selected and fan art IS enabled. I have tried refreshing individual artists (like I used to) but to no avail. Not one artist had a remote thumb show up to select (or anything for that matter). It almost seems like it is failing to contact htbackdrops.

(I posted this in the wrong area, I should have posted it in http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=7 but couldn't because it's gone.) You can delete this thread sorry.

Has there been a recent change I am not aware of that renders fanart at htbackdrops unscrapable?

Can someone for the love of god please help me? This is taking over my life!

Sorry this is in the wrong area and honestly the wrong place all together, xbox support has been discontinued. Ugh, you can discontinue this thread if you wish mod. My bad