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Mixcloud plugin - jackyNIX - 2011-12-07


Mixcloud is re-thinking radio. Listen to great radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mix sets on-demand.

Mixcloud plugin is available in the official repository from inside KODI or manualy from my github repository.

Gotham -> Leia:
    Current release version: 2.5.x

    Current release version: 3.0.x

I would appreciate some feedback, including OS and KODI version. Suggestions always welcome.


Huh HOWTO Getting an authentication code (v2.0.1 and above):

1: Login with your mixcloud account using following link, the access code is in the landing page URL
Login with your mixcloud account

2: You will return on the landing page (this forum thread). The access code is in the URL right next to code=, like this: forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=116386&code=your_access_code

3: Enter this code in kodi when asked.
(It may be possible you have to remove the last 4 characters, something like #_&_).

4: After entering the authentication code, the access token is fetched automatically in the background.

- PatrickBateman - 2011-12-08

Tested on todays nightly...

Works great and all streams arw active and function well.

An absolute Fantastic effort from Jacky on this script and I hope he maintains it, supports it and creates even more of these fantastic plugins.

Currently listening to MOS live mix and it's superb.

Great quality,
Great selection,
Fast and responsive,
All streams active and functions well here,
No crashes so far,
Highly recommended for those having a new year night party Smile

As for additionally features nd the future of this plugin, personally I'd like to see a few other sites added to this... Ill check my links, as I would love to see an old Skool site added to this plugin (Im sure i have one somewhere) and if possible to perhaps add sections into this plugin for additonal sites that host mixes.

Old school mixes> list of sites
Live mixes> list of sites
Dance mixes> list of sites
Trance mixes> list of sites
Etc ...

Great work and really appreciated!

I think this was one of the links I previously used fr streaming old skool mixes but as I am on my iPad I am unable to check/confirm as the site doesn't play with the iPad well:

Its just an idea as Id really like to see this plugin develop as it got huge potential. Thanks again Jacky!

- pdaalder - 2011-12-09

hi im running your addon on ubuntu 10.04
seems ok so far. nice job

- jackyNIX - 2011-12-10

I posted a new version 0.4.1

Added full working history of played cloudcasts and searches.

- dwilliamhouston - 2011-12-10

This also worked on Mac version of Eden.

- PatrickBateman - 2011-12-17


This has stopped working for me? All streams are unplayable?

Any ideas?

- jackyNIX - 2011-12-19

Something's wrong indeed. I'll look into it...

- jackyNIX - 2011-12-19

Ok, party is over No

The way of getting the streams apparently changed. Let's see what we can come up with...

- PatrickBateman - 2011-12-19


Really enjoyed this while it lasted... I listened to lots of mixes Nod

You did a fantastic job and i really hope you can find a new work around for this awesome plug, as I really appreciated having it.


- chtamina - 2012-01-04

any update ? Shocked

- macf1an - 2012-01-04

jackyNIX Wrote:Update: Mixcloud closed the way of getting the stream urls for the cloudcasts. So this plugin doesn't work anymore.
have you considered opening a dev thread and asking for help? there are some gurus in stream scraping in here.. The Navi-X guys can help you, maybe ajay (dev of Filmi by nature) too..

- jackyNIX - 2012-01-04

macf1an Wrote:have you considered opening a dev thread and asking for help? there are some gurus in stream scraping in here.. The Navi-X guys can help you, maybe ajay (dev of Filmi by nature) too..

I have the new url with results, that's not the problem.
The problem is that the returned results are encrypted No

... but i'm already closing in Big Grin

- xbbx - 2012-01-19

sounds interesting..

- PatrickBateman - 2012-01-28

Looking forward to the next update as this was a super pluger, really miss it.

- chtamina - 2012-03-07

+1 here

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