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ATV2/XBMC Must-haves - simeo - 2011-12-08

Hi all,

Other than Icefilms and BBC iPlayer what other addons do you have that you'd say were 'must-haves' for the ATV?

Big Grin

- dieselboy27 - 2011-12-08

Fastpass and Navi-x are cool.

- Jester - 2011-12-08

why don't you post stuff like this, in general chat, not in atv2 support.....

- jabba_29 - 2011-12-08

IceLibrary and LiveOnlineFooty :-)

- simeo - 2011-12-08

Jester Wrote:why don't you post stuff like this, in general chat, not in atv2 support.....

Will do....sorry I'm new here!

- frumpy_uk - 2011-12-09

What a welcome!


I don't see any of the add ons being ATV2 specific... whatever appeals to you on one platform will probably appeal on another.

Personally I am loving icefilms, also make regular use of iPlayer and Trakt.

Good luck!

- canadave - 2011-12-09

Just wanted to say that I would consider a "more advanced" skin than the basic one that comes with XBMC (Confluence) to be a must-have (no offence intended whatsoever to Confluence or Jezz! It's a great skin for what it needs to be--a basic stable general-usage skin). Personally I love how reFocus looks and acts, but there are plenty of others out there that look really cool too.

If you're into sports, SportsDevil is probably a must-have as well.

- locomot1f - 2011-12-09

definitely BlueCop's Repository - ESPN, Free Cable, Hulu
and as stated -- SportsDevil.

also have to agree with frumpy -- not really ATV specific.
for that you'll have to look at the skins, as canadave states -- some skins work better than others for atv 2. i enjoy Rapier

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