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revolve - ransomed - 2011-12-10

This is just a concept skin I came up with today. Really wish I had the coding skills to pull it off, but I don't. If someone could point me in the right direction, I might try and teach myself some skinning in order to make this one happen.

On the other hand, if one of you brilliant skinners falls in love with my design (for some reason), please feel free to PM me and I can get you the .psd's and what not.

Anyway, here it is. Somewhat incomplete, but it's a good start.






Let me know what you think.

- butchabay - 2011-12-10

I like the idea, the screens are looking great!
You may try to post your idea in the skin dev thread to become more attention from skinners out there. Good luck!

- Maxoo - 2011-12-11

Very nice !

- tungmeister - 2011-12-11

pretty nice concept you've got there mate.

- SynstrShn - 2011-12-11

looks really good! I am loving the circle for episodes, great concept!

- wmclain - 2011-12-11

Would love to see this get made, Very nice.

- Tobby - 2011-12-11

Looks awesome

- noiz13 - 2011-12-11

like the idea dont like the color theme

- Chris! - 2011-12-11

This looks very good.

- castortray - 2011-12-11

beautiful, looks perfect for me

- Baswazz - 2011-12-12

This looks very original. I hope to see working skin in the future.

- Paraffin - 2011-12-12

Very nice skin, I like all things Blue but very impressive

- ransomed - 2011-12-12

Thanks for all the great comments. Good to know that some folks like the look. I think I'm gonna try and make this my first big project, but TBH, I really don't do any coding at all, so if anyone would like to show me a good place to start, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, the finished concept would definitely have multiple color variations...I noticed some people weren't too fond of the red theme.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

- Montellese - 2011-12-12

The Foundation skin (by Hitcher) is certainly a good start for any new skin and then there are several skinning related articles on the wiki (though some of them are bound to be outdated):


- josz - 2011-12-12

Looking awesome! I would touch up the round circle a bit more (if it was my design) since the lines are fun but a bit too much chaotic imho.

I'm a coder by profession but I do not know any python as of yet (former PHP/Webdev, current C#/WPF/Delphi dev). I do however know my way around a bit of the XBMC skinengine. I used to skin for MediaPortal (the aMPed skin is one of the projects I started back in the day) and do lots of tweaking nowadays to the XBMC skins I use. The skinengines general idea is pretty similair but they differ enough (XBMC's engine is really a lot better imo).

So I guess I'm saying if you need a hand... It'd be cool to start one of those skinning projects again Smile

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