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- bossanova808 - 2011-12-17

Sorry - there's a new MyWeather.xml in the Confluence changes zip in the first post - that bumps the bottom section down a bit to make room for the really long forecasts - I forgot to mention that. I'll fix up those ::: at some point soon - the hard part is trying to anticapte what isn't there when I test it!

- fastdump - 2011-12-17

No probs. You don't have any control over the length. I dl'd the Confluence zip again when you first mentioned changes but seemed to be same files. I'll try again now. Thanks.

- fastdump - 2011-12-17

Hmm... Both MyWeather.xml and Font.xml both still have the same date 2011-12-13 15:52 as when I first dl'd a couple days ago. Huh

Ah, strike that. I deleted previous dl's from /temp. Now have the udpated MyWeather.xml. Cheers! Smile

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-17

Ok that was some git weirdness. I have changed the link in the first post and now it seems to be pulling the latest version with the changes I mentioned. I tried it jsut now and it's got Friday's MyWeather.xml - sorry, I really don't fully grok git yet, I haven't pushed anything new yet, it's just a different link seemingly to the same thing.

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-17

Like just now as your message came in I was doing the fix so try now and let me know!

- fastdump - 2011-12-17

All good now, thanks.

RE: Getting radar working via 'piggyback', I notice that with the Weather Plus add-on enabled and Weather.com selected as provider, you can go to 'Maps & Video' via the left options menu and access animated satellite for Oz & NZ as well as the latest Oz weather video from ABC TV online.

Of course, I would prefer (local) radar (rain) over satellite (cloud). I access radar often, not only because it's useful to determine when rain/storms will hit, but we also enjoy watching storms from our unhindered view out west (on Rucker's Hill in Northcote) while seeing the broader view via radar on the BOM web site.

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-17

Yeah I want to get the video, but I definitely also want a better radar as we do much the same. I can see how the images are built etc. on various sites, and also have a vague idea of how to get from BOM, but how that actually becomes an animated something-or-other in XBMC is not yet known to me. But Ronie mentioned adding radar to the standard one so I am hoping that will make it simpler - WeatherPlus is huge and hard to get to grips with for me so far.

I have found some even longer forecasts and a few other wierdnesses so I will push another update out early next week.

not working at all for me - technophobe - 2011-12-19

i get "script failed" when i try to put postcode in

also same error on xbmc main menu

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-19

What postcode? Can you post the error you get in your log to pastebin or similar? It was working fine for me last night...

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-19

And is working fine for me here now too..

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-19

Just pushed a little cleanup update. And there's a new MyWeather.xml in the zip in the first post that makes room for really long forecasts...

Screenshot of current state with long forecast and the current skin changes - https://github.com/bossanova808/bossanova808-xbmc-addons/raw/master/downloads/Screenshot.jpg

log file? - technophobe - 2011-12-20

ok, but where is this log file?

I am running stand alone xbmc installed from xbmc live cd.
system info says: linux 2.6.32-29-generic #58-ubuntu

symptom is no option to put postcode in at all. When I go to weather settings I can set three area codes but this is for any weather addon. When I go down to "settings" under Oz Weather and click "change postcode 1" I get pop-up error : script failed:weather.ozweather

I have tried removing other weather addons and unistalling/re-installing oz-weather.
I tried enabling debug logging but can not access file system through built in file manager. Also I cannot get to linux command prompt.
I am in Brisbane.

- bossanova808 - 2011-12-20

Ok so you're running an older Dharma I'd say. This plugin only works with a very new release of XBMC, a pre-eden version from around Mid November onwards when the weather system changed. You'll need to re-try this when you upgrade to the latest version.

- zan5hin - 2012-01-01

Just installed this addon on my Eden beta machine and it is very nice to have BOM data instead of dodgy overseas sources.

I enabled extended mode (currently playing with Cirrus skin) and it does not look as good as your screenshot - it must be the skins fault.

it is missing the data source, suburb, and the main forecast gets cut off on the second line.

- bossanova808 - 2012-01-03

Yep, that will be a Cirrus thing - I notice also with Neon this is the same.

I will pop some notes in on the basic approach to modding the MyWeather.xml file for any skin for longer forecasts, it's not hard.

I have found a forecast too long for even what I think is the max space available, so I will need to look into making the text box scroll for really really long forecasts...