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EDEN Live CD? - phin586 - 2011-12-15

Any Eden based livecd's available? I've been searching on google without much luck.

- fritsch - 2011-12-15

From erhnam:
Quote:In case anyone is interested, here's a new livecd (Ubuntu 11.10 and XBMC pre-Eden) with amd fusion support. I tried to fix the earlier issues found. Use unetbootin for USB creation. Use the Try Ubuntu without installing option to try XBMC.


- phin586 - 2011-12-17

Would anyone have any changelogs or anything for this? I want to see what this brings to the table thats separate from the xbmc-live cd.

- pumkinut - 2011-12-18


Git Commit and Changelog:

- phin586 - 2011-12-18

Cool thanks. Seems there is no way to install tihs XBMCbuntu to a hardrive =\

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