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- grad - 2011-12-24

fritsch Wrote:From the rear calculation it could be less than 1 missed / second.

So the ~60 misses per minute which I noted would pretty much fit this, right?

fritsch Wrote:Do you see any visual problems? aka hangs, drops, which disturb your visual senses and make it look bad?

No it looks very good. No visible judder. But I haven't watched a full movie yet, so that's a based on a quick glance.

- FernetMenta - 2011-12-24

Note that some TVs do support 23.976 and 24hz. Since xrandr rounds those values it can't determine between those two. You might need to disable one of those modes or find a way how to have both enabled and chose 23.976 by e.g. 23. Not sure how to do this on ATI.

- .:B:. - 2011-12-24

fritsch Wrote:You could fetch the .orig.tar.gz from the ppa site. From there you can build your own version. Remember to have the dependencies installed. You will need amdxvba.h in /usr/include/amd/ .

Of course you can also checkout from git. Please use the xvba branch of fernetmenta and build it like normal xbmc (bootstrap, configure --enable-xvba, etc.)

Thanks. I'm going to look into that.

Happy holidays Smile.

- .:B:. - 2011-12-25

Ok guys, so I pulled from git://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc.git but after bootstrapping configure shows no --enable-xvba option, nor does it recognise it. I pulled the tarball from the PPA, and there configure does show --enable-xvba after bootstrapping. Am I looking at the wrong git repo?

Edit: seems I need to specify the branch Wink. Bit of a git noob here Rofl.

Edit 2: I am happy to report that I got it built and working. Some tearing issues to be resolved though (and since my monitor does not support 24 Hz I'll have to look into that as well).

A screenshot:


- fritsch - 2011-12-25

Enable vsync in xbmc should be enough to get tearing handled. If this does not work, the second you can try is in amdcccle to set the 3D - more options - Wait for vblank to Quality (slider to the right) <- sorry do not have a catalyst handy at the moment, so translations do vary.

If all of this does not work: enable tearfree through amdcccle, which should be the last resort.

- kobik - 2011-12-25

I'm having lots of random crashes while XBMC isn't even being used.
And I just had a freeze on navigation

- FernetMenta - 2011-12-25

Can you try disabling pvr or using vnsi.

- kobik - 2011-12-25

AFAIK, vnsi is obsolete.
I'll disable LiveTV before going to sleep, as my family uses XBMC for watching TV on the evening.

- FernetMenta - 2011-12-25

kobik Wrote:AFAIK, vnsi is obsolete.

Then you are misinformed. VNSI was and still is the only plugin for vdr we officially support in the pvr branch.

- kobik - 2011-12-25



Please use the

vdr-plugin-xvdr: https://github.com/pipelka/vdr-plugin-xvdr


xbmc-addon-xvdr: https://github.com/pipelka/xbmc-addon-xvdr


If there is another repo, feel free to post it.

- FernetMenta - 2011-12-25

All others, I am going to hijack this thread but I think this needs clarification.


This is going to be re-integrated into pvr.

- kobik - 2011-12-25

I see it's currently not compatible with the current VNSI addon on the XBMC side.
Is that correct?

Edit: Forget it. After another XBMC restart it works.

- orgel - 2011-12-26

The well is confused by the Odenkamp VNSI no longer needed because it supports TVHeadend. Pipelka supports only VDR and its own xvdr interface.

VNSI is and remains the only plugin for VDR with officially support by the XBMC Team.

- kobik - 2011-12-26

FernetMenta Wrote:Can you try disabling pvr or using vnsi.

I now see that there are no crash logs from the moment I switched to VNSI, yesterday evening and until now.
Seems you fixed my crashes problem.
Thanks mate Smile

- kobik - 2011-12-28

I spoke too soon Sad
Still lots of lots of crashes also with VNSI.


I don't get it, on Lars' repo it was pretty much rock solid.
What can cause these crashes with this version?