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- onkel bouncy - 2003-10-09

general (bugs / suggestions):
- autostart media in d:
mp3 cd's does fine but s/vcd's do nothing.
please change into the appropriate section that is in drive d:
for mp3 cd's go automatically to 'my-music', show the files of the media and start playing, ....

my photos (bugs /suggestions):
- use stop-key to stop slideshow (ir)
- use play-key to play / further (ir)
- use title-key to rotate pic (ir) same as in xbmp
- use arrow-keys to show previews / next pic (ir) same as in xbmp
- use white color for the 'pause-text'
- add 'playlist-button' in 'my-photos' to have an easier mp3-access.
- zoom doesn't work correctly (ir) use same as in xbmp.

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