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- malako - 2012-01-31

I created a script for getting the Sherdog IDs for UFC main events + fight nights. Thought i might share it.

.NET 4
Needs an enumerator in same position for each subfolder eg:

UFC 52 - ...
UFC 53 - ...

  1. Set the root folder
  2. Set content type (Main event or Fight night)
  3. Set enumerator position (you'll get it when you see it)
  4. List - Displays a preview of IDs
  5. Confirm - Write IDs to files


It should be easy enough to use.

I just realized it gets the wrong IDs for all UFC Main Events < 25. It actually gets the IDs for Ultimate fighter finales/Fight Nights.

MIGHT update the script but for now it seems easier to update the wrong ones manually.

- paddycarey - 2012-01-31

@Phargo at the moment i'm simply pushing data into the spaces that exist in the already coded tv views, anything else would require some custom skinning, but it's certainly doable

It's fairly low down on my priority list right now, I do intend to get to it eventually, but if anyone wants to give the skinning a shot i'd be happy to help however i can (bearing in mind that i've never attempted skinning before Huh)

AFAIK all i need to do on the script side is set the infolabels and then the skin does most of the rest

@malako Nice Cool I don't have a windows install to try it out but hope you're enjoying the addon. Event search functionality is right at the top of my todo list so hopefully the plugin'll be able to search/scrape by name like the regular xbmc scrapers soon and it won't be necessary to manually get the IDs

- pseudoheld - 2012-01-31

thanks for the scraper. i really wasn't going to add all my ufc events by hand Wink
this really helped.
any chance you could whip something up for pride? maybe WEC/Strikeforce? but mostly pride Wink would be awesome!

@plugin in general:
after taking about 30min to scrape all my info the plugin is now up and running well! somehow it doesn't grab any fanart though. it would be nice if we could just enable the option to use the fanart inside the respective folders. also then it wouldn't be creating a second library with fanart (which does get pretty big with 200+ events in the DB Wink )

Download into MMA Browser + Sherdog scraping - coldbloodedtx - 2012-02-06

Great work on this plugin.

For usenet fans, using an RSS feed from nzbmatrix or some other site from SABNZBD+ works to get MMA events...however when using SickBeard or CouchPotato, I'm left feeling like we need an 'Elbows' project or something to be the SickBeard of MMA. Unless you give me some existing brilliant solution, I'll probably start working on this soon.

I've been looking through your github project, and I was thinking of using your sherdog scraping script in my aforementioned idea. Any thoughts on putting this into a standalone lib for inclusion in other projects? I'm sure there are a few python coders our there that would appreciate it. https://github.com/paddycarey/plugin.video.mmabrowser/blob/master/resources/lib/sherdog.py

Again...great job! All of my Pride & UFC events finally have a home.

- chrillep - 2012-02-10

the addon just hangs after load

- paddycarey - 2012-02-10

chrillep Wrote:the addon just hangs after load

I have the same issue when I try and use the plugin in Aeon Nox, along with a few other random lockups on startup on other skins. It's an issue with the dialogs running over each other and locking up i think.

I have a fix in mind but it'll likely mean that library updates will need to be done manually (or at startup/intervals via plugin settings) rather than on plugin load, similiar to the standard XBMC library I suppose.

Doing that should hopefully fix most of those startup issues people have been seeing.

- chrillep - 2012-02-12

alright thanx, it works fine on my mac but as you mentioned the dialogs are different on xbmc for mac so i guess thats why it works with aeon nox.

- Phargo - 2012-02-17

I'm having an issue with the browser not recognizing the latest UFC (UFC on Fuel TV). Is there a chance this has to do with Sherdog updating their webpage lately? Names of files and folder structure are:

Folder: UFC on Fuel TV 1 - Sanchez vs Ellenberger
Files: sherdogEventID
contents: [19187]
Fuel - UFC on Fuel TV 1.mp4

All previous events have added without a problem. Any ideas about why this won't add?

- paddycarey - 2012-02-17

Phargo Wrote:Is there a chance this has to do with Sherdog updating their webpage lately?

That's exactly the problem, I have a fix in my local tree, just haven't had time to clean it up and push it to git yet. Should hopefully get it done later tonight.

- Phargo - 2012-02-17

paddycarey Wrote:That's exactly the problem, I have a fix in my local tree, just haven't had time to clean it up and push it to git yet. Should hopefully get it done later tonight.

Sounds good! Awesome browser!

- paddycarey - 2012-02-18

Pushed a fix to git but there'll likely be issues as sherdog's been throwing 503 errors all day so I haven't been able to properly test.

I've also changed the DB structure so all your events will need to be rescanned just this once, apologies. Once sherdog's working properly again and I can finish testing I'll make a new zip release, but the code's on github for anyone who wants to try it now (no guarantees it'll work though).

- paddycarey - 2012-02-19

New zip release for all those waiting Big Grin

There are probably still some issues with the scraping so please report anything you find with full debug logs and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

I've had to change the database format a bit so all your events will need to be rescanned, but I'll make sure any database changes can be smoothly upgraded in future.


- Updated for new sherdog.com layout
- Don't download fighter thumb, instead display directly from sherdog
- Retry up to 3 times if error getting metadata
- Changed DB format so all events will need to be rescanned

- budswell - 2012-02-22

I'm very new to XBMC. Really nice.

Just installed the "XBMC 11.0: Eden Beta 3" version and learning about setting up the library. So also tried your latest zip file (0.0.6). Running with the default skin on windows7-32bit with no other addons.

I am getting the sqlite3 error which was mentioned back on page 12. Probably just a "supid user" (i.e. me) error, but thought I'd mention it just in case.

- sirsmooth - 2012-02-23

Cant get this to work for love nore money!

When I do a full rescan I can see it scan each of the ID's I have in my UFC fight folders (78 -143) but when I click 'browse by organisation' (or any of the others) I get nothing, just emtpy views.

Looks like its scanned all my sherdogeventID's for every event but I get nothing in my views.

I have not touched the userdata folder as I can see all the events and UFC promotion already exist in there.

Im using 1.05......just tried 1.06 and it's the same.

Any ideas without me sharing a log...?

Thanks Smooth

- paddycarey - 2012-02-23

sirsmooth Wrote:Any ideas without me sharing a log...?


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